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Learn a Language While You TEFL

Updated 24/09/2018 While speaking the language of your destination is not a requirement for teaching English (in fact we recommend sticking to English in the classroom), living and working abroad presents you with a great opportunity to learn a new language, and will really enhance your time away. Here are some tips for doing so. […]

TEFL in China

What should you wear teaching English abroad?

If you’re heading off on an adventure teaching English abroad, especially if your location is a warm, sunny climate, there may be the temptation to dress as you would on holiday.  While schools will have varying dress codes, some liberal, a general rule of thumb when considering your wardrobe is to think of how you […]

Adjusting to life teaching English abroad

If you decide that the idea of teaching English and living abroad appeals to you then you’ve obviously made a decision that you want to leave your old routine behind.  When you first land in your new destination, however, everything will probably seem a little strange and unusual and even for an experienced traveller there […]

Teaching English in Bosnia

Teach English in Bosnia for a unique European experience. This south-eastern European country offers an exciting new market for English teachers. Lonely Planet describes it as a “beat-up country in the process of healing”, and it’s true to say that this war-torn country is now picking up the pieces and moving forward to display itself […]