Teaching English in Tanzania

Teaching English in Tanzania

21 June 2012 Tanzania is home to the famous Mount Kilimanjaro and is a great destination for TEFL tutors to teach English abroad. Travellers and TEFL teachers are attracted to Tanzania by its unsurpassed natural beauty and fantastic beaches. It is also famous for its national parks Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation Area which continues to […]

TEFL Lesson Plan Ideas

10 May 2012 One of the most important aspects of  TEFL teaching lies in rigorous planning. Lesson preparation is key and you’ll learn all about this during your TEFL Org teacher training course. The foundation of any successful lesson plan is identifying desirable outcomes and putting into place activities and tasks that help the student grasp a particular […]

Ben in Zaragoza

My name’s Ben and I’m an English teacher originally from Leeds, UK, but now living in Zaragoza. This is my first job since I qualified with a TEFL Org UK qualification and I can’t describe the impact it’s had on my life. A year ago I was working as a dull, monotonous call centre drone taking repetitive […]

Teaching English In Honduras

Honduras is an exotic country in Central America and is an exciting location to become a TEFL teacher. Living in Honduras Honduras is Central America’s largest country. It is home to miles of unspoiled beaches, clear blue waters and exotic rainforests as well as intriguing archaeological sites highlighting ancient Mayan Culture. Honduras is a multi-ethnic […]

TEFL Experiences: Teaching English in Nepal

My name is Kay Allan. I did a TEFL course, last summer, before heading out to live in Nepal. Unfortunately, I could not afford to do the online course, which I think would be a great benefit. One day, should I be able to do so, I will. I was not sure whether I would use it […]

TEFL Experiences: Teaching English in Qatar

My name is Jonny, aged 27, and I’m currently a full-time PE Teacher in Doha, Qatar. My story of how I ended up here simply derives from my need for ‘change’. Change of culture, change of scenery, change of lifestyle. I sought change in a massive way due to all elements of my life becoming tedious and […]

TEFL Experiences: Teaching English in China

By Amy Where are you teaching at the moment? I’m teaching in north-west China, a province called Xinjiang. Why did you decide to take a TEFL course? I decided to take a TEFL course because I saw it as a great opportunity to work and travel. I really wanted to experience living in a different country, learn a new […]

Teaching English In Japan

Tomo tells us what it’s like to teach English in Japan.  Find out how he got the job, and how he spent Christmas in Japan in his other blogs. Some of us dread the thought of it, others thrive at the opportunity and the rest don’t really know what to expect to it. Chances are […]

Finding A Job Teaching In Japan

Tokyo, a city of bright lights, incredible (if slightly bizarre) technology, food (even fast food) that is fresh and beautifully presented, and a culture that both embraces the “western world” yet manages to keep enough of the little things that make Japan, Japan. Combined with people who are polite, elegant and have impeccable fashion sense, […]

Teaching in Argentina

If you are looking for work in Argentina or any country in South America, you are at a great advantage of being a native English speaker. Argentina is a country with a growing economy. The capital, Buenos Aires, is one of the main cities in South America where businesses are always growing and expanding. With […]