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29 June 2012

TEFL attracts gap year students, travel enthusiasts and also qualified teachers who are out of work.

As the demand for PGCE teachers in the UK plummets, the demand for native English TEFL teachers worldwide continues to rise. In the UK last year over 38,000 teachers were unemployed - more than double the figure from 5 years ago. Be it fewer jobs or overstretched school budgets, it is a hard time for teachers in the UK. For many teachers in this position teaching English abroad is a popular alternative to unemployment.

Great TEFL opportunities

TEFL is the ideal path for qualified PGCE teachers looking for paid TEFL jobs abroad. Teaching English abroad is a great opportunity to weigh up future options at home while still remaining in the profession and earning a decent wage. It is also a fantastic way for teachers to gain valuable work experience, build on their CV and of course, have the time of their lives by living abroad.

TEFL can be a short term alternative to struggling to find work in the UK but equally can turn into a long term career path for teachers that love it so much. Many  TEFL jobs  come with a decent wage and other benefits such as accommodation, meals and sometimes flights.

Accredited TEFL Courses

The TEFL Course itself will train you in the skills and expertise you need to teach English as a foreign language but also supplies you with transferable skills that are valuable if or when you come back to teaching in the UK. Employers are impressed to see a TEFL certificate and experience listed on your CV.

When you take a TEFL Course with TEFL Org UK you will be taking a course which has more accreditations than any other TEFL course provider in the UK. This reputable qualification is highly regarded all over the world and finding work teaching English abroad is not difficult. TEFL employers recognize the significance of our accredited TEFL courses and that's why they approach us looking for our graduates to hire. On completion of your accredited TEFL course you will have access to the very best TEFL Jobs on our  TEFL Jobs Centre .

Get paid to see the world and use TEFL as an alternative to unemployment. Find out how you can get qualified: TEFL Course Options .

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