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From Spain to Mexico: Harriet’s TEFL story

My TEFL journey began in the depths of a wet and miserable British Winter where, as a lost second year university student, I was struggling to find the motivation for… well, motivation for pretty much anything. Without going into too much unnecessary detail, I was struggling with concentrating on university work, dividing my time between […]

Letters from Zibo: Tristan in China

As a meticulous planner, you can imagine when it came to applying to TEFL work I spent many an hour researching schools, and cities. In hindsight, during my research I came to the realisation that nearly all TEFL job positions are advertised in almost identical ways; whether that is through school websites, or social media […]

Lydia and Emlyn in Thailand

Lydia and Emlyn completed their 150-hour TEFL course in March 2017 and have gone on to teach English in Thailand with MediaKids Academy! Here’s their story…  Hello! So firstly, here’s a little video taster of what to expect when moving to teach and live in the North of Thailand… Lydia: Emlyn: Please Like and Share […]