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Top 10 places to TEFL in 2018

Research by the British Council suggests that the number of English learners around the world is set to exceed 1.9bn by 2020, which means the demand for English teachers is only going to keep growing. This is great news for anyone from first-time teachers looking for exciting gap-year opportunities to experienced EFL teachers. Whether you’re […]

A Summer of TEFL: Emily’s Story

My journey in Teaching English as a Foreign Language began almost a year ago – I’d returned from my year abroad, which I spent studying in Italy and in Switzerland, and I was also seriously unwell at the time with ovarian cancer. I was looking for something to get me through the following months of […]

World Teachers’ Day

Today is World Teachers’ Day, a day to commemorate the vital contribution that teachers all around the world make to the lives of so many. There are 1,500 million English learners in the world – a huge number, especially when you consider that the second most learned language is French, at 82 million. We’ve trained thousands […]