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We’ve got TEFL jobs in Turkey and you can find them here.

TEFL jobs in Turkey

Political unrest in recent years has made Turkey a less attractive country for both tourists and EFL teachers but there are, nonetheless, opportunities to be found. Make sure to check the travel guidance issued by your government before making any travel plans, however.

To secure a TEFL job in Turkey you'll need a TEFL qualification and a degree, but you'll find jobs suitable for newly-qualified teachers and non-native English speakers (with the suitable qualifications) alike. It's important to do your research into any employer that offers you a job - speak to current and former employees, look into them online, and only ever sign a contract you're happy with. You'll find reports online of EFL teachers who've had bad experiences in Turkey so make sure not to go into anything blind.

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Where to find work in Turkey

The job-hunting method of turning up and handing out your CV can sometimes lead to gaining work once you’re in the country, particularly in the more populous areas such as Istanbul. However, many newer teachers want the security of a guaranteed job before arrival, and as such would probably prefer to go through an agency to find employment. There are chain language schools which hire throughout the year, as well as smaller private language schools where opportunities will be limited, but worth looking out for. Doing corporate gigs for large companies can be another route to finding employment, such as the Marriott Hotel in Ankara. While securing a job in advance is usually advisable, many expats in Turkey say that they found better options when searching on the ground, before getting tied into terrible contracts with schools of ill repute. Wherever you apply, do your research, and try to get a reference from a previous teacher at the school.

Employers in Turkey

Bilkent University  hires highly qualified, experienced teachers for September to August contracts, teaching 20 contact hours per week. Salary starts at 1,450 lira per month, plus free accommodation on campus, airfare, private health insurance, etc.

Early American English  teaches kids aged 7-14. 1-year contracts teaching 6 days a week (8:30 – 4:00)

English Life  is a partnership of schools licensed by the Ministry of Education. You’ll need a degree, and a TEFL is preferable. Bonus points for experience of The Callan Method. 1-year contract, 20-25 hours per week, salary varies by location, plus free accommodation or accommodation allowance.

English Time  has over forty branches in Turkey, hiring hundreds of part-time and full-time TEFL teachers. You need a degree and a TEFL, experience is preferred. 6 or 10-month full-time contracts, working on one of their shift patterns. 3,000 lira per month or 18-20 lira per hour. Furnished housing in the beginning, help to find subsidised apartment.

Kent English  has summer courses and English lessons throughout the year. You need a degree and a TEFL, preferably some experience. 8, 10 or 12-month contracts, 25+ hours per week.

Marmaris Recruitment Ltd  is an agency based in the UK and can help you find a teaching job in Turkey. Around £40 to register with them, job salaries range from 2,000 – 5,000 lira per month. You need a degree and/or a TEFL.

SDM Language School  positions are 6 days a week, teaching adult professionals. You need a TEFL, degree and experience with adults.

Teachers in Turkey  is another agency linking candidates with private schools, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools as well as university positions and summer camps. Native speakers with a degree and TEFL can apply for positions, starting at 2,500 lira per month.

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