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If you’ve ever been to the Netherlands, you might wonder whether there’s a market for TEFL teachers there or not – most people are so skilled at English that what need can there be for TEFL teachers? But even the most fluent non-native speaker once started as a beginner. The high English language ability of locals in the Netherlands means a couple of things for TEFL teachers – firstly, that the market is smaller because everyone has had good exposure to English by the time they’re adults, and also that the jobs available will be for a different sort of student. If you’re used to teaching Chinese children their ABC’s, you might feel out of your depth in a country where English classes will be geared towards high-level or near-fluent students with complicated grammar questions and advanced thematic studies.

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Where to find work in The Netherlands

With tough competition for the best jobs, you have to be savvy to find employment in the Netherlands. While some companies are happy for you to send them a speculative application when they’re not hiring, it isn’t common to find a job this way. Make sure you send your application to the correct person in the company, as sending it to the wrong person might result in it being deleted. Having a personal contact or hearing of a job through word of mouth is a great way to beat the crowds. In general, employers prefer applicants to already be living locally.

Employers in The Netherlands

Adult Education Centres are one place where you can teach English in a non-corporate atmosphere.

Berlitz is a major employer of language instructors in the Netherlands, both of TEFL teachers and those who are native speakers of other languages. The application process is multi-layered and they expect top quality teachers for their one-year contracts, pay dependant on your experience.

To work at Bogaers you must speak Dutch, have a degree, a TEFL certificate and relevant experience. Positions are freelance, paid by the hour.

Language Partners specialise in Legal English and freelance classes, and they provide extensive compulsory training for new staff, who they expect to be flexible, highly organised and experienced.

On the Yellow Pages, search for Talenonderwijs which means ‘language training’ to find TEFL jobs.

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Unfortunately we don't currently have any jobs available in The Netherlands. Our job centre is updated daily so check back soon!

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