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In the heart of southeast Asia, Thailand is one the most beautiful countries in the world and that is why TEFL jobs are so popular there.

TEFL jobs in Thailand

Thailand is a fun, vibrant destination with enviable weather and an unbeatable local cuisine. While some expats head to Thailand just to get their careers rolling, others settle into the way of life and find that they never want to leave. If you have the desire to teach English and a curiosity about this mesmerizing land, there’s little more you need to become a successful teacher in Thailand.

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Where to find work in Thailand

TEFL jobs can be found throughout the country and at all times of the year, although, for public schools, peak recruitment times are in the months before the terms begin. Many teachers can find a job in April to start with the new term in May. Most work in Thailand involves teaching children, either in government schools or bilingual and international schools. Private schools offer more lucrative salaries than government schools and teachers are able to supplement their salaries by tutoring. While online job adverts and job boards have grown more popular, many teachers still find that getting work once they’re in the country is easy to do, particularly for university positions and private colleges, which like to hire locally. Jobs can have a preference for female teachers, but the vast majority of foreign teachers in Thailand are male, and they tend to stay for longer, too. Some positions will require you to apply for a full teaching licence rather than a provisional teaching permit.

Employers in Thailand

Applicants to the American University Alumni Language Center need a 120-hour face-to-face TEFL and a degree. 1-year contract, 4-6 teaching hours daily.

Ajarn  lists TEFL jobs in Thailand and has other pages of interest such as regional guides and details about work permits.

Bright Future International Training & Services hires over 100 teachers with a degree and TEFL certificate.

ECC is the largest private language school in Thailand, hiring around 500 native speakers with new recruits every month. You need a degree and a TEFL.

Echo English is a teacher recruitment and management agency. You need a degree, and a TEFL is desirable, although experience could be considered as an alternative to qualifications.

The International Schools Association of Thailand  is a good place to find information about International Schools and any hiring opportunities.

Karen Hill Tribes Trust is a voluntary organisation teaching English across Thailand. You don’t need a TEFL, degree or experience.

Teaching Thailand  is a jobs board for expats in Thailand, with easy search tabs so you can look for jobs in private schools, universities, language institutes, private tutoring and more.

Check out The TEFL Org Jobs Centre  to see listings of current TEFL jobs in Thailand.

Volunteer HQ has two opportunities to teach English in Thailand, one in Hua Hin and one in Chiang Rai. Teach for 3-5 hours a day. Fees vary .

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