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While there is strong interest in learning English in Romania, it isn’t always easy for TEFL teachers to get jobs. Most English lessons in public schools are taught by Romanian staff, and with a high level of success, they see no need to hire teachers from abroad. Private tuition is an option to help those high school and university students who want to excel, but the market is small. Corporate gigs for commercial teaching are available, but despite the desire to provide lessons for their workers, many companies can’t afford the cost.

Those aspiring to teach in Romania should be aware that wages are low, even in relation to the cost of living. You may not be able to make ends meet with a full-time salary, which means some private tuition on the side – or online teaching – may be required to boost your income.

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Where to find work in Romania

You’ll need a bit of luck on your side to find paid work in Romania, although the market is growing and if you put effort into your research you might be able to find something decent. There are plenty of voluntary opportunities for those who are desperate to reach Romania, and these positions could be a great way to get your foot in the door and inquire in person at TEFL establishments.

The peak months for hiring are in January and September for the start of the next academic term.

Employers in Romania

Angloville has two locations in Romania where volunteers teach conversation classes in exchange for accommodation and free use of facilities, and the chance to explore a foreign country.

The British Council runs a Teaching Centre in Bucharest – applicants will need a CELTA/Trinity TESOL and at least two years of full-time experience.

Each year BREDEX sends a limited number of UK university students to teach conversational English in five cities in Romania throughout the summer. The 7-week program includes 6 weeks of teaching and 1 week of travel.

DAD is a volunteer opportunity for UK TEFL teachers who want to work at a summer camp in Romania.

Happy Faces Summer Camp looks for volunteers for their camps which run all summer – minimum contract of 4 weeks, up to 3 months.

INAction Summer CAMP looks for volunteers from the UK to teach at their summer camps. Full room and board, airport transfers, a weekly allowance and trips included.

Professional Language Centre hires part-time teachers for lessons from 4pm – 8pm, $7 per hour.

The only European country listed on the Projects Abroad destination list, teaching is just one of a variety of projects you can do as a volunteer in Romania. The four-week trip costs just over £2,000 (or more for longer placements, up to three months) and is available to those aged 16 or older.

Check The TEFL Org Job Centre for current listings of positions in Romania

The Yellow Pages are a place to find language schools, but they would be unlikely to hire a foreign teacher as the wages are too low.

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