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Romania is a country shaped by its folk culture as much as by the Carpathian mountains running through it. Villages in the mountains have been isolated and self-sufficient throughout most of their history, meaning each one has its own unique traditions and stories. Only recently have these villages become more interconnected, so the connection to local folklore remains a cultural touchstone for many native Romanians.

The rise of interconnectivity and modernisation in the country has driven demand for TEFL instructors, particularly in once-isolated villages. While you’re there, you’ll have opportunity to visit reinforced churches, towering castles, abandoned forts, and other historical structures on your spare time. People in the country are eager to help outsiders integrate with local customs, so you may even have these excursions paid for by your employer! For this reason, TEFL roles in the country are particularly well-suited for historians, folklorists, and other storytellers. Whether you have a taste for the macabre, an interest in superstitious tales, or a desire to nurture your imagination, you’ll find it all with TEFL in Romania.

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ESL Teacher

Brașov, Romania

Posted: 1 year ago
This English summer camp has been organised for 18 years in different locations and it is very popular among Romanian pupils.
Position Filled

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