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TEFL jobs in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong there are opportunities for EFL teachers in both the private and public sector teaching a range of different learners. If you have experience teaching any popular exam courses like IELTS, you’ll get more job offers. Private language centres are ideal if you’re a first time TEFL teacher with little or no experience, as the international school positions well require more seasoned teachers. Language centres usually offer informal conversation type classes which will ease you gently into the world of TEFL teaching.

As parents in Hong Kong are keen for their children to study English from an early age, there are increasing opportunities to teach TEFL for young learners. If you want to work with young children (particularly in a kindergarten), you’re far more likely to get hired if you’re female. When you’re teaching children in Hong Kong, enjoyment of English should be just as important as the academic success of your students. Like students in mainland China, children in Hong Kong often have a cacophony of after-school lessons to attend, and while eager and well-mannered, the pressure is high to succeed. Fostering a genuine love of English and making sure they enjoy your classes will be the best way to ensure your students make good progress and their parents are also satisfied.

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Where to find work in Hong Kong

It’s illegal to work in Hong Kong if you’re on a tourist visa – if you find a job while there as a tourist, you have to leave the country to apply for a work visa, a process which takes six to eight weeks’ time to complete. It’s most convenient to do this from nearby Macao, or better still, secure work before you travel.

For a work visa, you need an employer that is willing to sponsor you, and then you submit an ID990A application form to the Immigration Department. There is a lot of paperwork for the employer, so don’t start proceedings with more than one employer and make your mind up later. The government stipulates that teachers hired from overseas must earn at least HK$20,000 per month, although you sometimes see jobs advertised for less than this, which must surely offer some other bonus (like accommodation) to get around this rule.

Employers in China

Berlitz  asks for a BA degree and TEFL certificate, experience beneficial. 1-year contracts, rate of HK$100 per 40-minute lesson.

The British Council  in Hong Kong asks for two years’ experience from TEFL candidates, preferably having worked with children.

Deborah Education Institute has kindergartens and international pre-schools hiring TEFL teachers.

If you’re a drama graduate, look at Dramatic English , which has several drama schools and kindergartens in Hong Kong.

Elton Educational Services is a recruitment agency, hiring TEFL teachers for Hong Kong kindergartens, primary schools, and secondary schools. You need a TEFL and fluent English ability. 1-year contracts, salary around HK$18,000 – HK$23,000 per month.

The English Schools Foundation  has kindergartens, primary schools, and secondary schools in Hong Kong.

Send an email to apply to English Excel , a British-owned network of schools around Hong Kong. Native speakers with a degree and TEFL can apply. Students are aged 3 to 16 years, contracts are for 12 to 16-months.

Positions start in September at HeadStart. You need a degree (preferably in education or English) and a TEFL.

HKEdu asks for a TEFL and a degree, with preference given to candidates with teaching experience.

Little Cosmos Language & Art Centre  requires degree holders with a TEFL and at least one year of experience working with kids. 1-year contract, 40 hours a week (30 teaching hours). Salary is between HK$23,000 and HK$26,000.

Monkey Tree  has more than 40 centres in Hong Kong. You need a degree, to be a native speaker, and have a TEFL certificate. 1-year contracts, salary around HK$23,000, shared housing available for around HK$5,500 – HK$7,000 per month.

The NET Scheme  offers a generous salary to primary and secondary school teachers, ranging from around HK$26,700 to HK$54,230 for primary positions, and up to HK$65,150 for secondary school roles. Priority is given to well-experienced teachers with a degree in English, teaching, or languages. Benefits are also excellent on the scheme, such as the flight allowance and the monthly HK$20,989 housing allowance. Applications are accepted until mid-February, term starts in August.

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