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Find out everything you need to know about TEFL jobs in Argentina.

TEFL jobs in Argentina

The TEFL market in Argentina is buoyant but not booming, owing to a recession which started in 2016. Many schools can only offer part-time hours to their teachers, and so some expats have to piece together a schedule with hours at different institutes, alongside some freelance work. If you’re experienced and have a TEFL qualification, particularly a CELTA or higher qualification, it will be much easier to find a full-time position.

Regardless of what kind of work you’re looking for, expats usually find it easier to get a job once they’re actually in Argentina rather than applying from abroad. Peak hiring season in Argentina is February/ March, and the second peak in is July/August, as many schools offer 6-month contracts .

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Where to find work in Argentina

Many expats say it’s easier to find a job once you’re already in Argentina, and as the 90-day tourist visa can easily be extended, this isn’t tricky to do. If you’re a young person from participating countries, you can also apply for a working holiday visa. Note that if you have a strong Australian accent, you might struggle to find work as this is an accent that the Argentinians particularly struggle with. Employers in Argentina like to interview face-to-face and will hire on the spot if they like you, so try to arrange your interviews close together if you want to choose between several positions. It’s common to have several different part-time jobs and take on one to one students in your free time.

Employers in Argentina

To teach at ACM Business English you need a TEFL or equivalent and experience teaching to adults. All part-time positions. 70 pesos per hour.

Belgrano Day School  teachers from kindergarten up. Contact them via the website for information about positions.

Bilingual Highway offers a four-week training course to native speakers, equipping them to teach English as well as getting the experience of learning Spanish and travelling.

CII Teach Argentina  is an all-inclusive voluntary programme for 3-12 months for students/graduates aged 20-26. Teaching 25 hours per week.

CIL  offers 9-month contracts, 45 pesos an hour.

Connecting Worlds  offers internships and voluntary experiences in Argentina. You need a BA degree and preferably have a TEFL certificate. Placements of 3-9 months for those aged 21 to 35.

Craigslist  is a great community noticeboard to find information about TEFL jobs in Buenos Aires, as well as apartment rental information.

At Ecoposada del estero Ecolodge  you can teach English in an eco-friendly environment where language learning is infused and merged with the learning of biology and other subjects. Volunteer at this nature reserve in the Ibera Wetlands.

Further English  prefers British applicants with a degree, TEFL/CELTA, and prior experience. Knowledge of Spanish is useful. Contracts run from March to December, teaching up to hour hours a week. 90-100 pesos per hour.

Interaction Language Studio  looks for British or American teachers with a TEFL and some experience. Contracts from March to December, up to 20 hours a week, business English classes.

Network Institute  asks for TEFL qualified teachers to work for a minimum of 9 months, teaching full-time or part-time. Part-time pay is 85 pesos per hour.

Speak Spanish  offers lessons in a variety of languages. Contact them via the website for hiring opportunities.

Teach with Tuprofedeingles  in Buenos Aires for a minimum of 15 hours per week.

Check out the The TEFL Org Jobs Centre  for listings of current teaching positions in Argentina.

Voluntario Global is an Argentinian NGO that looks for native speakers, preferably with teaching experience, usually attracting volunteers in their early twenties. Minimum start of 4 weeks, teaching in the afternoons .

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