Introducing our NEW Thailand Teaching Programme

Introducing our NEW Thailand Teaching Programme

So, you’ve completed your TEFL certification, and you’re thinking of a place to go. Are you dreaming about dramatic landscapes, exotic locales, and a uniquely rich cultural playground in an ever-growing country? Thailand might be your port of call, then - home to 6 (six!) UNESCO heritage sites , the ‘Land of Smiles’ has a growing demand for English teachers.

Well, you’re in luck. Our Thailand Teaching Programme is taking applications from now until the start of January 2024. But what’s it all about?

For years, the Thailand Teaching Programme has been placing newly-qualified and experienced TEFL teachers alike across the Thai education system; from kindergarten to elementary school, elementary to high school. It’s yielded excellent results, with teachers either forging a path in TEFL for the long-term, or more experienced teachers really adding value while hopping from country to country during a distinguished English teaching career. 

In short: if you have even the slightest interest, this is worth applying for. It works. So, what do you need?

Thailand Teaching Programme Requirements

Applicants must be passport holders of the United States, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom or Ireland. Obviously, being a fluent English speaker is a must, as well as a Bachelor’s degree - but it doesn’t matter what your degree is.

You’ll need at least 120 hours of TEFL certification under your belt. Not qualified yet? Relax - we recommend our 120-hour Premier Online TEFL course , which is 100% online and entirely self-paced!

Think it’s just for the freshly graduated? Think again - participants can range from 20 to 60 years old, provided they’re in good physical health and have a clean criminal background check. Finally, you must be willing to commit to at least one school term of teaching in Thailand.

A beach in Thailand

Thailand Teaching Programme: What’s Included?

What are the benefits? They’re plentiful. You’ll be earning 30,000 to 45,000 Baht per month (USD 800 to 1,200 per month) for 18 to 25 in-class hours per week. With a high quality of life but a low cost of living in Thailand, that is plenty not just to get by, but to have a fantastic Thai experience. Contracts start from four months upwards, depending on what you’re able to do.

Worried about getting to your accommodation from the airport? Don’t be. There’s an airport pick-up service, and you’ll be guided through the visa application process before you even get on the plane. There’s an orientation week in Thailand before you get started teaching. All this comes at a programme fee of just £995 (1,195USD).

You’ll also be, obviously, living in Thailand. A beautiful nation in Asia’s south, the capital of Bangkok attracts countless tourists every year. A sprawling, modern metropolis, Siam Square is just one of the myriad highlights. If you want to travel off the beaten track a little, consider locales including Khon Kaen, Nakhon Sawan, Pathumthani, Udon Thani, and Ubon Ratchathani.

Applying for the Thailand Teaching Programme

So what’s the application process like? Well, it’s year-round. The demand for English teachers in Thailand is substantial, and there’s no better way of getting teachers integrated into the nation’s educational system than a programme that eases students into the TEFL life.

When you sign up for our Thailand Teaching Programme, a 50% deposit is required. This means you can get started on your 120-hour Premier Online TEFL Course and complete the application and any required paperwork. Once your application has been approved, we will get back in touch to collect the remaining balance. TEFL Org staff will also be at your service to answer any niggling questions, issues or curiosities.

What have people said about the Thailand Teaching Programme?

“So far, being in Thailand has been the best experience of my life”, Kaysee Carrere told us. “I have had the opportunity to make the best friends of my life. I have learned so much during the past month. I am so thankful for the opportunities I’ve gained by choosing this program and Thailand.”

The testimonials don’t stop there. Thomas Labuschagne said of his time in Thailand: “It’s been a wonderful experience. I’ve seen things, heard things, and met people that otherwise I wouldn’t have come into contact with. It’s really opened my eyes almost on a spiritual level. I’ve enjoyed interacting with people and being able to connect with them.”

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Some aspects to consider…

Sounds good, doesn’t it? There are, though, a few things to consider before you commit. Firstly, flights aren’t included in your pay, so you’ll need to budget. Ditto travel insurance, and while visa guidance is very much on offer, the associated costs of applying are something you’ll need to cover.

Once you’re there, you’ll need the funds to cover your first month’s expenses. After all, you’ll be salaried as you would for a normal job, so there’s no signing bonus. That means factoring in accommodation and bills, although there is assistance finding accommodation and - helpfully - your monthly salary will more than cover a private, one-bedroom furnished apartment. As we’ve covered, the cost of living in Thailand is comparatively cheap, so there’s every chance you can kick-start or further your TEFL career while saving money! A decent restaurant meal can cost as little as the equivalent of £1.62…!

If that all sounds good to you, it’s very much worth checking out our guide to teaching English in Thailand . If you’re into both bustling city centres and pristine beaches, into quiet contemplation in a temple or the buzzing nightlife of Bangkok, you’re more than catered for. More than that, though, this really is a fantastic opportunity for TEFL teachers both new and experienced, not just for the CV, but for the memories.

Find out more about our Thailand Teaching Programme and speak to a TEFL Org advisor today to get started!

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