Teaching English in Laos

Teaching English in Laos

11 February 2014

This lesser-known Southeast Asian country has more to offer than meets the eye; for those looking for a blend of history, culture and adventure and plenty of "chill" vibes this is the place to come!

Laos is one of the most laid-back places to teach English abroad and is a great destination to sample life in South-East Asia. Sometimes referred to as "Laos PDR - please don't rush" you will begin to understand the nature of this nation while living here, which is known for its relaxed demeanour and friendly and easy going people.

English, as it is all over the world, is on the rise in Laos and more teachers are needed to fill positions throughout the country to teach English as a foreign language .

TEFL Jobs Opportunities

Schools hire year round for TEFL jobs and the average monthly salary is $800-$1,500 at a language school or centre. There are many different types of teaching jobs in Laos; international schools, language schools, and volunteer positions are the main ways TEFL teachers find work. Almost all teaching jobs are located in Vientiane, the capital city of Laos. There is however a large gap in access to education between rural and central areas in Laos so if you can find a way to teach in some of the lesser built up areas in the country you will be providing a great service.

Because of their culture, students tend to be shy at first and unwilling to share ideas, your role as a TEFL teachers is to give them confidence!

Getting a TEFL job

Some positions are advertised on our TEFL Jobs Centre which our TEFL Org graduates can apply for. Another option is to go out to the country and find a job in person. You will need at least 120 hours TEFL training to find a TEFL job in Laos. Find out how you can get qualified: TEFL course options .

Check out current TEFL Jobs in Laos

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