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Groupon TEFL Courses

As the TEFL industry has grown over, so has the sale of online “budget courses” on sites like Groupon. At first sight, they can appear to be a good deal; however, these TEFL courses at knock-off prices offer low-quality content, no classroom or teacher contact, no support in finding a job and no accreditation. If […]

LinkedIn: Your TEFL eResume

Once you have completed your TEFL course you will nearly be ready to start applying for jobs. One of the most important aspects of looking for a job in any field is to build a solid resume that will be attractive to employers and help you stand out from competitors. Many jobs these days are […]

5 TEFL Myths Debunked

When researching TEFL on the internet, many can be dissuaded by a number of TEFL myths circulating the online forums and social media, hindering their dream of a life teaching English overseas. So, we’ve put together the five most common TEFL myths you will find on the net (and set the record straight!) TEFL myth […]

12 Tips for the First-Time TEFL Teacher

We have asked our online and classroom course tutors for their tips and advice for all those newly qualified TEFL Org graduates heading into the EFL classroom for the first time. Our tutors have been teaching English here in the UK and abroad for decades and understand the pitfalls newly qualified teachers face. Check out […]


Two English teaching qualifications, two acronyms, two different purposes – it can be confusing knowing the difference between TEFL or CELTA. Here at TEFL Courses Ireland we often get asked ‘which one is better?’ – but it isn’t a case of one being better than the other. Deciding on whether choose TEFL or CELTA depends […]