David took a TEFL course and headed for a new life in Spain

Hello my name is David.

Living in Ireland I didn’t really feel things were going anywhere and I felt I wanted a new challenge in my life.  Having spent a little time in Spain previously I fancied the idea of returning and decided to do a TEFL course with a view to teaching English.

There are many TEFL course choices out there but having spoken to the guys at TEFL Courses Ireland in Dublin, I felt their 120-hour course with the weekend in Cork and additional 100 hours of online study best suited my needs.  When I was researching booking the course TEFL Courses Ireland took plenty of time to answer the queries and questions I had, they were also willing to give me up to 6 months to complete the course which was double what other providers offered.

While I was a little worried about doing the course at first, there is fabulous support along the way from both the class and online tutors. They get back to you promptly on all queries. I came to Spain after I had done the weekend in Ireland and completed the online study here without any problems. The Dublin office was also great for advice prior to my heading to Spain and since I’ve been here.

I managed to get my foot in the door of one of the many private language academies in Alicante and have regular hours there but I make more income from the private lessons I provide to kids, groups and families. If you take on board the lessons taught in the TEFL course and are good with working with people and understanding their needs there is good money and great personal rewards to be made from teaching English abroad. I have made a great life for myself in Spain and am very happy here and it’s all thanks to TEFL. If I hadn’t decided to take the TEFL course with TEFL Courses Ireland I doubt I would be able to stay in Spain and live a wonderful life.

Thank you very much guys.



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