A Look at Business English

English is, arguably, the closest thing to a global language the world has ever seen. In many countries, English is the language chosen for business, diplomacy, and as a general common ground for speakers of different tongues. That’s why many entrepreneurial men and women around the world are scrambling to improve their Business English skills and gain a foothold in the realm of global commerce.  Due to its high demand, positions for teaching Business English are commonplace on all continents and can prove to be very lucrative – for TEFL, that is.

So, what is Business English?

Like it sounds, Business English is the teaching of useful phrases and pieces of terminology relating to business, trade, finance, and economics. Topics can range from big themes such as the work cultures of different countries to more focused subjects like commonly used words in the office.

What does it take?

Teaching Business English can be tough and requires a little extra training and experience from its tutors. It’s recommended that those looking to specialise in this type of English teaching should have prior TEFL experience already and perhaps possess a certificate. As well as that, a course related to Business English is often a requirement set by schools. For example, to complete our own 30-hour Business English course you must first have been awarded a standard TEFL certificate (issued by us).

Even if you become a private tutor, where you don’t technically require qualifications, you’d be doing both yourself and your students a favour by completing relevant and extensive training. This is because it would make conducting lessons significantly easier and your student will therefore learn more. Also, the more qualifications you possess the more attractive you’ll look to tutor-hunters.

Who will I teach?

Business English lessons are most popular with adults who more often than not work as professionals in an office environment or are students of a business-related degree. These people will be fairly busy and will have responsibilities beyond the classroom. Take that into account when deciding how much homework to give them or the deadlines for their assignments. Another thing to consider is that your students will most likely have paid for your time using their own money as opposed to a school where the students don’t really pay, at least not directly. So, make sure to work your hardest and provide the best teaching you can (which, of course, you should be doing regardless!).

Where can I teach?

Anywhere and everywhere! You could answer the demand for Business English in far away cities like Moscow, Shanghai, Mexico City… or you could do it from your own home. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, you could easily become an online tutor and teach people from all over the world. For as long as the English language is the leader on the global stage there will be a hunger for Business English teachers. If online teaching interests you, I would recommend our 40 hour online teaching course. It covers the basics and provides you with the skills needed to create your own digital platform.


Think Business English is for you? Have a look at our Business English course. Remember, you need to have first completed a TEFL course prior to booking this one!




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