5 TEFL Myths Debunked

When researching TEFL on the internet, many can be dissuaded by a number of TEFL myths circulating the online forums and social media, hindering their dream of a life teaching English overseas. So, we’ve put together the five most common TEFL myths you will find on the net (and set the record straight!)

How to say hello in a foreign language

TEFL myth number one

You need to speak another language

You don’t need any foreign language skills to teach English as a foreign language overseas. In the classroom you will only be speaking in English. This may sound strange to those who are new to TEFL – “How can you teach someone English if they don’t understand a word of English?”. Our teaching methodology, which you will learn during the course, will show you exactly how and what techniques to use to make even a complete novice learn, pronounce and use English properly.


Mature TEFL teachers

TEFL myth number two

TEFL employers only want to hire young teachers

There isn’t an age limit for teaching English overseas. We train those who have just left school to those in retirement (and everyone in between). While some schools prefer younger applicants, we find that some teaching positions require applicants with more ‘life experience’ – such as teaching business English.

Some teaching programmes may require applicants to fit within a certain age bracket – this can either be a work visa requirement or a criteria they must fit to be eligible for government funding. It’s best to check the visa regulations of the country you wish to work in first to see what TEFL options are open to you.


TEFL for graduates


TEFL myth number three

You need a university degree to teach English abroad

Firstly, you don’t need a university to complete any of our TEFL courses. When it comes to applying teaching jobs abroad, you can hit a wall with TEFL posts in China, South Korea or Thailand – as a university is a requirement for a work visa. You can however work there on a voluntary basis. As Ireland is a member of the EU, you can work anywhere in the EU without the need for a work visa. If you want to teach further afield, why not consider Africa or Central and South America?


Teaching teenage learners

TEFL myth number four

You need teaching experience to get a good teaching job

We train thousands of people each year to teach English as a foreign language. Some are already qualified teachers or have some previous teaching experience, but the majority have not. Teaching experience may help you stand out against other applicants but the majority of employers are happy to hire newly-qualified TEFL graduates. By taking one of TEFL Courses Ireland’s TEFL courses, you will be qualified to teach English to both adult and young learners at any level – from basic through to advanced-level English. One of our classroom or combined TEFL course options will allow you to get some teaching practice during your training, and give you the confidence to stand up in front of a class and teach.


jobs centre

TEFL myth number five

There are a limited number of TEFL jobs available

There are hundreds of EFL teaching opportunities available at any given time. You will find more teaching positions advertised towards the beginning of the academic year/term, but as the demand for English teachers is so high in some areas some private language schools are able to hire EFL teachers year round!

There are lots of different areas of TEFL you can get into too – not just teaching in the classroom. You could be an in-house teacher for a multi-national firm and teach business English to executives, teach young learners at a kindergarten, teach English over Skype or even medical English to healthcare professionals.

Check out the latest EFL teaching positions on our online TEFL Jobs Centre.

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4 thoughts on “5 TEFL Myths Debunked

  1. Hi, I’m interested in taking your course but don’t have a college degree.Is it still possible for me to complete your course and teach in countries such as Dubai ?


    1. Hello Mairead, a college degree isn’t needed to enrol on one of our TEFL courses. It can however be a requirement for the work visa in some countries like the UAE

  2. Hi i’m intersted in this course,I know its valid abroad but is it recognised by the Dept of Education & can you teach English in Ireland with this qualification?
    Thank you,

    1. To teach English as a foreign language in Ireland, you would need a course that is ACELS recognised. Our courses are designed for those who want to teach EFL abroad

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