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GuatemalaThe Mayans have lived in Guatemala for over 2,000 years, and their influence is still felt in this Latin American gem. The country sits between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea with mountains in the middle. These give rise to some of the most stunning landscapes in Central America.

The culture is distinctly Latin American, with hints of the ancient Mayan lifestyle as well. Despite this, the country is becoming more modern, and TEFL teachers are in demand to help Guatemala develop its’ businesses by trading with the US and other English-speaking countries.

Guatemala is a stunning TEFL destination, and we have jobs available in the country now! Scroll down to view some of the positions. If you don’t have a TEFL qualification with us, you won’t be able to contact these employers, so get one today!  Check out our range of TEFL courses and pick one that suits you to begin your journey to teaching English in Guatemala.

Unfortunately we don't currently have any jobs available in Guatemala. Our job centre is updated daily so check back soon!

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