tefl FinlandThere are many reasons why Finland should be a more popular TEFL destination than it is. The air is clean, the shopping is fantastic, the people are friendly and the landscapes are majestic. Quite apart from that, the wages are good and there is less competition for jobs in Finland, making it a perfect TEFL destination.

Many people in Finland speak English very well, although they may be modest about their abilities and have a different view of learning English compared to places like Asia. There are few opportunities to teach privately and most TEFL graduates go on to work in language schools.

Companies in Finland tend to pay for the majority of TEFL training in the country for a number of reasons. They consider it a perk of the job, they can claim it back as an expense and English lessons can make up part of the overall pay package.

You can read more about TEFL in Finland by checking out our blog post on the subject as well as a story from one of our graduates.

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