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Expect stiff competition for TEFL jobs in Belgium, where many bilingual Belgians take on work as English teachers. That’s not to say there isn’t demand, but you’ll likely need to be both sufficiently qualified and experienced in order to land a job. Teachers will need to hold at least a 120-hour TEFL qualification and, ideally, have a few years of experience under their belt.

Jobs teaching English in Belgium can be well paid, so if you have the right credentials and are willing to put in the work you can find yourself in an enviable position.

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Where to find work in Belgium

Look out for the bi-annual Newcomer magazine, which is invaluable for recently arrived TEFL teachers looking for language school jobs. It can be tricky to start out as a TEFL teacher in Belgium, particularly if you don’t have much experience or are recently qualified. If this is the case, test the waters by applying for work in a summer school, where you’ll be providing pastoral duties and entertainment to the children as well as their English instruction. As is the case with summer schools anywhere in the world, quality varies and the focus is often more on having fun than academic excellent, but if you take it for what it is, it can be a good way in.

Employers in Belgium

Freelance positions at Call International, recruits throughout the year, you might need a car to travel between classes.

Ceran is a good company for summer schools, with contracts throughout the summer for 30 – 38 hours per week, for a 2-week minimum.

CLL Centre de Langues hire freelance instructors for their adult/teen/kid classes (for which you’ll need both Dutch and English), as well as corporate, advanced and online teaching opportunities – different requirements for each sector.

Berlitz in Belgium seems to provide more Dutch and French classes than English ones, but check job vacancies for any openings.

Search for ‘language schools’ on the Golden Pages, entering a location or leave blank to get over 100 listings.

Let’s Speak Good English is a small team, offering full-time contracts to a handful of instructors teaching everything from kids to professionals, all in small groups.

To teach telephone or online lessons, look at Phone Languages.

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