Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Thailand Teaching Internship Terms & Conditions

ELC Thailand Teaching Internship – Key internship information

We want to ensure that all of our applicants have been provided with accurate information about the internship program. If you are unclear about anything please contact us thai.internships@elc.edu.au. You will be asked to sign to confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions.

  • The teaching internship is a professional teaching program. The goal is to give teachers their first international teaching experience. Although most interns combine the internship with travel in the region, this is first and foremost a teaching program not a holiday program.
  • Teacher interns work a 35-37-hour week of which approx.. 22 hours is classroom teaching and approx.15 are lesson preparation and teacher admin. A teacher intern will usually be in class for 4 hours per day for 5 days per week. These teaching hours are not usually consecutive. Travel time to, from or between schools is in addition to in the 35 hours. Teacher interns often teach at several schools.
  • The public school week in Thailand is usually Mon – Fri. All interns will have at least one full day off per week but the contact hours will be spread across the week according to the individual timetables of the schools.
  • Age group preferences are requested but cannot be guaranteed. Location preferences cannot be considered unless a specific reason for the request is given.
  • Only a limit number of placements are on or near the coat and requests to be on a beach cannot be considered.
  • Interns receive an allowance of 22,000 Baht per month and a completion bonus of 10,000 Baht upon completion of the internship.
  • The commitment is for the semester. If an intern leaves early it causes considerable problems for the school. In this case, the intern will forfeit their completion bonus & internship certificate. They may also be required to reimburse the school for work permit and pre-paid accommodation expenses.
  • Accommodation is provided and although furnished and clean, is basic by western standards. It is necessary for the intern to pay a refundable deposit to secure their accommodation for the semester of 5,000 baht.
  • Utility bills must be paid by the intern.
  • An intern is expected to dress and behave professionally at all times.
  • An intern must bring his/her original documents (degree, transcript, police check and TESOL certificate) to Thailand with them in order to apply for the work permit. A work permit contribution and teacher’s license fee of US$300 is payable in cash to ELC upon arrival payable in US$, UK £ or Thai Baht.
  • Meals are provided during orientation week but not during the internship. ELC will do our best to meet dietary requirements during orientation week. However, once at your local placement, you will need to make your own meal choices and we do not guarantee that specific foods will be available.
  • A health check may be required in Thailand for your work permit. ELC asks applicants to declare chronic health conditions on application so that we can assess whether they will adversely impact this.
  • Interns require insurance which will cover them for the duration of their time in Thailand and includes cover for the workplace (working holiday policy) and as a passenger on a motorbike.
  • Interns are advised to discuss vaccinations with a health professional.
  • A significant degree of flexibility and open-mindedness is required to take part in a program in which a participant is living and working within in the local community. It should be recognized that homesickness and culture shock are experienced by most interns at some point during the semester.

Terms and Conditions

Any applicant intending to participate in any Teaching Internship Program (referred to as ‘Program’) in Thailand must enter into this agreement. It sets out the terms and conditions between the applicant (referred to as ‘you’ or ‘I’) and English Language Company (referred to as ‘ELC’).

My Application

  1. I accept that ELC retains the right to refuse any application it deems unacceptable for any reason.
    2. I understand that acceptance on to the program is not guaranteed and is dependent upon submission of a successful application and interview and
    subject to a school offering to host my internship.
    3. I understand that if I do not complete the application process no refund of any fees paid will be due to me.
    4. I understand the duties and functions of an English language teacher.
    5. I am committed and able to teach English in Thailand for the entire Program period.
    6. I am committed to carrying out my teaching duties and other responsibilities during the Program in a professional manner and to the high standards set by ELC and placement schools.
    7. I am sufficiently fit and healthy to undertake and complete the Program.
    8. I have declared any chronic health conditions which may impact my ability to pass a health check and to conduct my teaching duties.
    9. I have declared any speech impediment which might impact upon my ability to help students improve their pronunciation in English.
    10. I have declared any condition such as dyslexia which might impact upon my ability to spell correctly in class.
    11. I have declared any history of anxiety of depression which might impact upon my ability to live and work in a new culture and position.
    12. I confirm that all information provided in my application is true and complete.
    13. I understand that my preferences in regard to age groups are not guaranteed.
    14. I understand that I need to be flexible in regard to my placement location.
    15. I understand that I cannot change my school once placed.
    16. I understand that I must have successfully completed my TEFL/TESOL course by at latest one month prior to the program start date (or earlier as specified by my course provider) and I understand that failure to do so will result in my application being void and no refund will be possible.
    17. I understand that it is my responsibility to read all information provided to me by ELC including my acceptance letter, internship handbook and frequently asked questions to ensure that I am familiar with the inclusions, obligations, terms and conditions of the program.

Passport, visa and work permit

  1. I have a valid passport, which will have more than 6 months validity and four blank pages at the time of arrival.
    19. I will submit a clean criminal record check to ELC prior to the commencement of the Program.
    20. I will ensure that I bring the relevant original documents to Thailand with me.
    21. If required, I will bring notarized documents with me.
    22. I will participate for a health check in Thailand as required.
    23. I understand that I am responsible for the cost of obtaining a visa to enter Thailand.
    24. I agree to make payment for a non-B visa as required and for my visa extension.
    25. I understand that if I do not provide the relevant original documents for my work permit application, then I will not be able to take up my internship
    and no refund of Program or any related costs (including but not limited to flights, visas, vaccinations and document preparation) will be due to me.
    26. I understand that if I am not granted a work permit for any reason (including an unsatisfactory health check), then I will need to leave my internship and no refund of Program or any related costs (including but not limited to flights, visas, vaccinations and document preparation) will be due to me.
    27. I understand that if I leave the Program prior to the agreed internship end-date, my work permit will be cancelled by my school and I may be liable to reimburse my school for fees paid by them for my work permit.
    28. If I overstay my visa or work illegally in Thailand, I understand that ELC will take no responsibility for my actions and I will be liable for any penalties with which Thai immigration may charge me.

My placement

  1. I understand that the quality of accommodation in Thailand is likely to be far more basic than I am used to in my home country.
    30. I understand that I must pay a refundable accommodation deposit of 5,000 baht and this will only be refunded to me upon completion of the semester.
    31. I understand that the teaching placement involves teaching up to 22 hours per week and working for up to an additional 15 hours per week to plan
    lessons and complete teacher administration tasks such as marking across 5-6 days per week.
    32. I understand that this is primarily a teaching placement and that I will not be able to take long weekends or request time off to travel during the semester.
    33. I understand that I will be asked to submit lesson plans to my school in advance of teaching.
    34. I understand that the location, type of school, ages of classes and timetable will vary from placement to placement but will still meet internship description, conditions and inclusions.
    35. I understand that I may be asked to teach subjects other than English in English as part of some school programs.
    36. I understand that there may be significant differences between workplace culture in Thailand and my home country.

Conduct and Behavior

  1. I will behave professionally at all times and show respect for the concept of face in my dealings with my Thai school and peers.
    38. I will co-operate fully with program supervisors on behalf of and in co-operation with ELC and abide by any reasonable instructions they may give.
    39. If I engage in behavior that is deemed inappropriate for my role as a teacher in Thailand, ELC may eject me from the program with no refund.
    40. I will undertake all of my teaching duties to the best of my ability.
    41. If my placement school ejects me from my placement on the basis of poor performance or breach of contract, ELC may not be able to find me an alternative placement and no refund will be offered.
    42. I will obey all Thai laws, customs and rules that apply to all foreign teachers while working at schools in Thailand.
    43. If I do not complete the Program, I accept that I will forfeit my completion bonus and return transport to my arrival city, my work permit will be cancelled and I will not be entitled to any Program refund or related costs (including but not limited to flights, visas, vaccinations and document preparation).
    44. I will not accept any employment in Thailand with an employer other than my internship school for the duration of the Program. I understand that this would constitute a breach of my work permit and ELC may eject me from the program with no refund.
    45. I will not seek to alter the conditions of my internship during the internship period.

Rights and Liabilities

  1. Any images taken of me while on the program belong to ELC and I waive any rights to these images.
    47. I will not hold ELC, its officers, affiliates, agents, or employees liable for any loss, damage, personal injury, delay or expense suffered or incurred by me for any reason.
    48. ELC, its officers, affiliates, agents and employees may, without liability or expense to themselves, take whatever action they deem appropriate with regard to my health and safety and may place me in a hospital or health-related facility for medical services and treatment or, if no hospital or health-related facility is readily available, may place me in the hands of a local medical doctor or health provider for treatment or service.
    49. I understand that working conditions are subject to local norms and will not be the same as those in my home country.
    50. I understand that local schools operate under the workplace health and safety requirements of Thailand and not of my home country.
    51. I understand that local transport and road laws will not be the same as those in my home country.
    52. I agree that I will not ride a motorbike without a valid local driving license and appropriate insurance.
    53. I confirm that I hold/will hold comprehensive travel and medical insurance with coverage for a workplace overseas and is valid for the duration of my stay in Thailand.
    54. I have had / will have any immunizations and travel vaccinations advised by my doctor for entry into Thailand.
    55. I understand that all travel abroad carries with it a degree of risk that I may not be subject to in my home country.

Other Matters

  1. Indemnity: I indemnify, without limitation, ELC, its officers, affiliates, agents and employees, against any loss or damage suffered by any of them, or any claims made against any of them as a result of any breach or negligence by me during my participation in the Program.
    57. Indemnity: I indemnify, without limitation, ELC, its officers, affiliates, agents and employees, against any loss or damage suffered by any of them, or any claims made against any of them as a result of any accident or illness suffered by me during my participation in the Program.
    58. Complaints: If I want to complain about any service provided by ELC, its suppliers or affiliates, I will first inform the supplier of the service in order to give the supplier the chance to rectify the problem. If the supplier does not satisfactorily rectify the problem, I will put my complaint in writing to ELC. ELC will do its best to rectify the problem. No complaint will be considered if the above procedure is not followed.
    59. Flights: Flights are not included in the program and ELC cannot be held responsible for any action, negligence or event relating to the purchase or operation of flight tickets or flights. Further, ELC will not be responsible for any costs or refunds due to changes or delays in flights.
    60. Force Majeure: ELC does not accept responsibility or liability for Program changes or cancellation in the event or threat of war, terrorism or threat of terrorism, fire, sickness, bad weather, acts of government or local authority (including but not limited to changes in employment or immigration legislation), acts of nature, or other events or circumstances which amount to a “force majeure” and which are beyond the control of ELC. Please note, the information in all ELC publications is believed to be correct, but any errors or omissions are deemed to be inadvertent and beyond our control.

Internship fees

  1. A 50% deposit of the internship fee (£497.50) is payable at time of booking. If you application is successful, we will contact you to arrange the payment of the remaining balance. If however your application is unsuccessful, you will get a part refund of the 50% deposit minus the full price of the 140-hour Premier TEFL Course.