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16 July 2013

Once bitten by the travel bug there is simply no going back, wanderlust is a common symptom and an innate desire to discover and explore will stay with you forever.

TEFL supports a traveller's needs; funding your travels and providing a stepping stone from country to country where students and employers welcome you into their community. You leave having made a lasting effect and a positive contribution to a local community which is more than enough to make you feel like your travel has been responsible and worthwhile and for many, a reason to return again and again!

TEFL jobs worldwide

TEFL is a global industry; in virtually every non-English speaking country there is a desire from its inhabitants to learn English. Native English teachers are in great demand and with a TEFL qualification the list of places where you can work extends further than you might have imagined. There is basically a revolving door of TEFL teachers coming and going which leaves thousands of TEFL vacancies open and waiting to be filled by TEFL certificate holders. Contracts range from a few weeks to a full year which means you can plan your travels to suit you.

People you will meet

Most TEFL teachers report that the highlight of teaching English abroad is the incredible people you meet. Teaching English as a foreign language to someone really can change their life as it opens up a range of job opportunities and is nearly a requirement now to work in any businesses or to study abroad.

Teaching English to children can be particularly rewarding, the progress you see in students as they pass their entry level exam, get a job or simply become able to recite the alphabet will stay with you long after you return home.

Pick a place to teach by visiting our countries page , where you can see all the countries where we have TEFL jobs available on our jobs centre .

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