Travel apps for TEFL teachers

Useful travel apps for TEFL teachers

A great app is able to solve a problem or make your life easier. Useful travel apps can make your life teaching English abroad an absolute breeze; you’ll wonder how people ever survived before the Smartphone! Here are our favourites:


Problem: You can’t speak a foreign language.

Solution: Designed like a game, this app is fun and addictive, and a productive way to learn a language and procrastinate simultaneously.

Trail Wallet

Problem: Keeping track of your finances.

Solution: You can input all your outgoing expenses and check whether you are on budget and if not, where you money is going.


Problem: You need somewhere to stay!

Solution: Connects you with users who rent out their apartments.


Problem: It is expensive to call home.

Solution: Using an internet connection, Viber allows you to call home without it costing the equivalent of small country.

Google Maps

Problem: Getting lost!

Solution: You can save maps to use in offline mode, as well as plan routes.

XE Currency

Problem: Getting confused with the exchange rate.

Solution: This app is an up-to-date currency convertor which means you will know how much you are being charged and avoid getting ripped off.

Sunscreen re-applying reminder app 

Problem: Pale skinned Brits get burnt at the first hint of sunlight.

Solution: This app lets you know how soon you are to getting burnt and when you should put that sunscreen on!

facetime android

Problem: Only for iOS and PC version

Solution: This app will help you to call from android to iphone through facetime software.

And there we have, our pick of the most useful travel apps to help make your experience teaching English abroad as smooth as possible.

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