The Top 5 Travel Blogs You Should Follow

There's nothing like a good blog to get your travel-bug biting. Fortunately, an abundance of travel blogs can be found online, just waiting to inspire your next adventure. No matter what country, region, or continent you're interested in working in, there's a website for you. Beware: there's a lot of garbage out there, so to help you out, we have rounded up our top five travel blogs!

Even though the following blogs aren't TEFL-specific, they're great for a bit of motivation.

A Broken Backpack

The true spirit of globetrotting is well captured by Mel, the author of A Broken Backpack. She states "huge dreams and a tiny budget" are all that's required to turn your dreams into a reality. Well, she isn't wrong! With information on almost 30 different countries, from Southeast Asia to the Caribbean, you'll never be short on interesting reads. The blog is tailored for the use of people looking to become a 'digital nomad' themselves i.e. someone looking to work online, on the move. Sounds a bit like an online EFL teacher .

Drew Binsky

When it comes to the sheer number of countries visited, Drew Binsky is undoubtedly the champion. With 133 countries under his belt, two Guinness World Records, and a blog to run, he's kept himself busy. Want more stats? His videos have accumulated over 150 million views and he boasts a social media following of nearly a million. Such popularity doesn't come along accidentally. From top destinations to insurance, and more, there are not many topics Drew fails to discuss.

Check out one of his TEFL blogposts: Teaching English in South Korea .

One Mile at a Time

Experienced traveler Ben Schlappig or 'Lucky', as he likes to be known, has been running his site since 2008. A self-proclaimed lover of airports and aviation, Lucky's blog really stands out from the rest as it highlights less talked about aspects of traveling: flights, airlines, and hotels. You can read reviews and reports of recent journeys on more airlines than you knew existed. One of the blog's pages is dedicated to advertising various airline-aligned credit cards that offer some form of travel-points, giving discounts to frequent fliers. If you're searching for ways to cheapen your experience (and, let's be honest, who isn't?) then you should definitely take a look .

Rusty Compass

If a blog is good enough to warrant an entire article from the New York Times then it's probably worth a look. As soon as you arrive on the site, it'll immediately become clear as to why the blog received such attention. In addition to the usual stuff e.g. well-written and jam-packed with stories and information, Rusty Compass is very much organic in that everything on the site comes from the author and his team. Expect no barrage of invasive advertisements or sponsors, but instead a neatly-run blog with interesting posts and an appealing appearance.

The Blonde Abroad

One of the most popular blogs on the web is The Blonde Abroad. The owner of the blog, Kiersten Rich, has been mentioned numerous times by a range of news sources , and not without reason. Attractive aesthetics, intelligent writing, and an eye for photography keep The Blonde Abroad ahead of the game. On top of that, the feel of the site really accentuates a care-free, optimistic attitude that highlights the joys of living abroad.  If it's the fun-filled side to traveling (exotic destinations, favorite cuisines, and adrenaline-fueled activities) you're interested in then don't hesitate; check it out now .

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