TEFL Tips: Teaching Young Learners

27 June 2013

With a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) certificate, the world is your oyster! A TEFL certificate gives you the opportunity to travel to some fantastic and exotic locations and completely immerse yourself in local life. A highly accredited certificate like the ones provided by TEFL Org are recognised all over the world and all you need to complete the course is the ability to speak English to a native or near-native ability! It is that simple!

If you are new to teaching, the 120-hour TEFL course will give you the skills needed to step into a classroom almost anywhere in the world. The course consists of one weekend classroom session and an online course. The online course is so flexible; it can be completed anywhere and at any time! Enrol on a TEFL course today to get started towards your first teaching job in an exciting new land!

Teacher And Pupils 14 When you have finished your course, an important decision to make is which age group you want to teach. TEFL can work with all ages and abilities, some people teach basic Beginner English to adults in a Mexican night school whilst some might teach Business English to executives in China.

A very common age group is young learners. Positions are available all over the world in kindergartens teaching children from the ages of five and up. Working with children is a fun and dynamic experience that you will love and will test your creativity.

Be Creative in the Classroom

Keeping the children motivated is a major part of being a Young Learners teacher and requires some sharp thinking. Visual aids are a great way of keeping the children engaged and are easy and quick to make. They can even be kept and recycled for future lessons! Why not have a go at making hand puppets? Even if you are not particularly artistic, sticking a pair of googly eyes on a brightly patterned sock quickly makes a fun character ready to say hello to the class!

Teacher And Pupils 9 Language games like Hangman and I-Spy can be used to practice vocabulary and make the lesson fun for both you and the children. The key to a happy classroom of young learners is to effectively balance the fun with the important work of grammar and tenses. Achieving this medium will give you a happy and fun experience that will stay with you and your pupils for life.

If you are already TEFL-qualified, take a look at the 30-hour Teaching Young Learners Course provided by TEFL Org. This will provide you with some of the most effective ways to teach young learners, as well as a unique module of teaching children between the ages of three and five!

Visit the TEFL Job Centre to have a look at jobs all around the world working with a variety of different people, old and young. Get a free brochure for more information about TEFL! Your first class is waiting for you!

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