Launching our NEW Teaching Exam Preparation Classes TEFL course

Launching our NEW Teaching Exam Preparation Classes TEFL course

Behind the scenes here at The TEFL Org, a team of highly experienced EFL teachers and teacher trainers have been hard at work for many months developing a brand new course. Today we’re very excited to finally be launching it.

Introducing our 40-hour Teaching Exam Preparation Classes course !

With employers worldwide looking for teachers who are familiar with English proficiency exams and understand how to deliver effective exam preparation classes, this is a qualification that will look great on your CV.

Why should TEFL teachers train in exam preparation?

Whether you’re working within a public school system, language school, teaching English online, or tutoring one-to-one, the likelihood is you will be teaching students aiming to sit some sort of proficiency exam. The better equipped you are to meet your students needs, the better the teacher you’ll be and the more employable.

Teachers are expected to always be learning - it’s part of the job. Employers are much more likely to be impressed by a teacher who has demonstrated a clear commitment to professional development in their application than someone who just meets the minimum criteria. It’s why we offer a range of advanced TEFL courses , to help you keep on learning and make your CV sing!  

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The global demand for English proficiency exams

There are a lot of English language learners in the world, around 1.75 billion in fact. Every single year, more than 5 million of them take Cambridge English Language Assessment exams, and over 3 million take the IELTS.

But why do students sit these exams? Many have the ambition to either study, work or move to an English-speaking country, where evidence of their level of English proficiency is essential or highly desirable. Others may be working in industries, such as aviation, where they’re required to sit specific English tests. And then for some, sitting a proficiency exam is a personal ambition and can help identify their strengths and weaknesses.

What English proficiency exams are covered in the course?

There are a lot of different types of exams out there, which is why our Teaching Exam Preparation Classes course covers a range of the most popular courses out there rather than just one.  

Our new course covers popular proficiency exams such as the IELTS, TOEFL iBT, and the Cambridge suite of exams. You'll also learn about exams such as the Michigan English Test (MET), The Pearson Tests of English (PTE), the TEOIC, and more.

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What will I learn?

In order to prepare your students for exams you first need to understand what exactly the exam involves. Through this course you’ll familiarise yourself with the content and structure of various exams, as well as how they’re marked. You’ll also gain an understanding of the reasons why students take certain exams, which will help you guide your own students towards the most appropriate for them.

Once you’ve covered this you’ll move onto learning how to teach classes with a focus on exam preparation. You’ll learn techniques for different types of classes, how to assess your students’ needs, the best ways of incorporating exam practice into lessons, and a whole lot more.

The course is also packed full of practice activities and resources for you to use with learners!


How long does the course take to complete?

The course is 40 hours long and you’re given 2 months to complete it in. As the course is entirely self-paced you can work through it at your own speed.

How much is the course?

Do I need to already have a TEFL qualification?

Yes, you should have at least a 120-hour TEFL qualification. Our Teaching Exam Preparation Classes course , like all our Advanced TEFL courses, assume prior knowledge, so it’s important to already be TEFL trained.

What’s included?

Everything you need to complete the course is included in the fee. You’ll have a personal tutor, get lifetime access to our TEFL Jobs Centre , and receive a hard copy and PDF of your certificate on completion. No hidden fees!

Who developed the course?

All TEFL Org courses have been developed by highly experienced EFL teachers and teacher trainers. They have first-hand experience preparing students for exams, so you can be confident that what you learn on the course has been informed by an in-depth understanding of the exams covered.

Will this course qualify me to be an IELTS examiner?

No, the only way to become an IELTS examiner is directly through IELTS . IELTS seek highly experienced EFL teachers for examiner positions, and any experience and qualifications you have related to preparing students for exams will make you more competitive.

To find out more about our Teaching Exam Preparation Classes course and to book, visit the course page here . And check out our range of advanced TEFL courses !

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