Teaching English in the Czech Republic

11 April 2012

The Czech Republic is probably Eastern Europe’s most popular TEFL destination, and with your TEFL Org qualification you should find it relatively easy to obtain a job teaching English in the country.

TEFL opportunities in the Czech Republic

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There are opportunities to teach English as a foreign language in both state and private schools in the Czech Republic. The demand to learn English comes primarily from adults learning English for professional reasons and children and teenagers studying the language as a required part of their education. Another alternative for TEFL teachers in the Czech Republic is to advertise your services in private English tuition.TEFL teachers can earn a good income by providing private lessons to individuals and companies.

Living in the Czech Republic

Most TEFL Jobs in the Czech Republic include one year contracts with salaries ranging from 22,000 -36,000 Krone (£785 – £1285) per month. The cost of living in Prague is pretty high but wages are relative to the cost of living. Your TEFL salary, although not particularly high in international terms, should allow you to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

Depending on what type of experience you are after you may want to consider teaching English in smaller towns in the Czech Republic. There are many opportunities for qualified TEFL teachers in locations outside Prague which allow you to fully immerse yourself in the culture and language. TEFL Jobs in Prague are of equal merit and extremely popular and sought after. Prague is undoubtedly the Czech Republic’s biggest TEFL market and great place for TEFL teachers to live in this exciting and lively cosmopolitan city.

What do you need?

As Prague is an incredibly popular destination, the competition for TEFL jobs can be quite high. For this reason you will need to take one of TEFL Org’s recommended TEFL courses in order to get fully qualified. One of our Premier TEFL Courses, such as the 120-hour Online TEFL Course or the 140-hr TEFL Course will give you a competitive CV and supply you with the qualification and skills you need to secure your ideal TEFL Job in the Czech Republic.

Let’s go!

The Czech Republic is a country rich in cultural character and history. The vibrant capital of Prague is home to a cosmopolitan atmosphere and captivating architecture. The public transport also makes it possible to explore the rest of the country at ease. From spectacular mountain ranges to colourful bohemian markets, there is so much to experience and discover in the Czech Republic.

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