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TEFL in the UK: Billie’s Story

After years of teaching abroad and enjoying lunch times spent basking in the scorching sunshine, I knew that transitioning back to life in the UK wasn’t going to be easy. I had spent 6 adventurous years travelling across inspiring continents and countries, and gaining not only a deeper knowledge of teaching, but a much better […]

Holly in Myanmar

I’m already a few months into my second year contract in Shan State, Myanmar and it’s become home – a slightly frustrating at times home, but a home nonetheless. I live and TEFL in Taunggyi, Southern Shan State, in a smallish but ever-growing town surrounded by misty mountains. Outside my town are the greenest landscapes […]

The Top 5 Travel Blogs You Should Follow

There’s nothing like a good blog to get your travel-bug biting. Fortunately, an abundance of travel blogs can be found online, just waiting to inspire your next adventure. No matter what country, region, or continent you’re interested in working in, there’s a website for you. Beware: there’s a lot of garbage out there, so to […]

TEFL in Spain

Homesickness and TEFL

Perhaps the most common problem most teachers experience whilst living abroad is homesickness. The bane of all travellers, homesickness can really put you down; so much so that many teachers may quit their job and head home after a month or two. If you’re suffering from this or are worried that you might, take a quick […]

TEFL and Solo Travel

Self-discovery, cultural exposure, and pure freedom: this is what awaits a solo traveller. Whether it’s to backpack across Europe or teaching English in Southeast Asia, travelling alone is one the most exciting and fulfilling experiences anyone can have. However, even the adventure of a lifetime requires some level of planning and thought. To help out, […]