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How to Prepare for a TEFL Interview

No one loves interviews. Unfortunately, they’re a necessary part of the recruitment process, but with preparation and an idea of what to expect they don’t have to be too scary! TEFL interviews aren’t all that different from any other type of interview, but there can be a few differences. Unless you’re already in a country […]

TEFL for Qualified Teachers

TEFL is not just for gap year students and travel enthusiasts. In fact, many of our students come from teaching backgrounds – some have taught for years and others are studying towards or recently graduated with degrees in education. Maybe you’re fed up with mountains of paperwork, fancy teaching something new, or want to relocate […]

Teaching English Online: Finding Your Niche

The world of online teaching is vast and diverse. Across the globe, people are learning English for a wide variety of reasons. There are children learning the very basics, teenagers preparing to study abroad in an English-speaking country, and adults trying to get ahead in business by improving their English. And some are learning for […]