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Meet our TEFL Course Tutors

Here at The TEFL Org we firmly believe the only way to learn how to teach is directly from teachers. Whether you sign up for an online or classroom TEFL course with The TEFL Org you will benefit from expert guidance, advice, and support from our team of accomplished TEFL course tutors. All of our […]

Best Countries to Teach English

Where should you TEFL in 2020? The number of English language learners worldwide continues to rapidly increase, with the British Council estimating that by 2020 that number will hit 2 billion. As more people start learning English, more opportunities arise for qualified EFL teachers, whether they’re looking for work teaching English abroad or online. There’s never […]

Teaching English Online vs. Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English online or teaching English abroad? If you’re a TEFL certified teacher then you have the option of both, but which one is for you? Teaching online and teaching abroad offer very different experiences and opportunities and many EFL teachers will do both throughout their career (sometimes alongside each other!). If you’re just getting […]

Teaching Business English

English is the language of international business and as globalisation continues to grow so does the demand for Business English teachers. Many companies require employees to have a certain level of English so there are jobs to be found teaching English for Business worldwide within companies, at language schools, private tutoring, and online. Jobs teaching […]