Five Reasons to TEFL in Peru

7 February 2014

Peru has many cultural and natural treasures that have fascinated people for years and continue to do so today. There are thousands of reasons to visit and TEFL in this fantastic destination, but here are our top five:

1. Experience ancient ruins and culture

When you visit Peru the strong sense of history and its cultural influences will be present. The Incan Ruins tell stories of an ancient civilisation, plagued by centuries of turmoil in the form of civil wars and colonisation but also of a people that at the time had built the most extensive stone development in the world and were as advanced as the ancient Egyptians. These ancient ruins are considered one of the most beautiful and mysterious sites in the world. Among the most impressive are the Machu Picchu ruins, best experienced by hiking along the world famous Inca trail.

2. Meet the people

The people of Peru make it what it is. The Peruvians are extremely polite and hardworking people, many of which have direct links to their ancestors and are furiously proud of their country despite the untrustworthy sentiment towards the government and rich elite of Peru which provides a stark contrast and large gap between the very rich and very poor.

Peru is still very poor and if the country has any chance in pushing the economy forward and having a real place in the global market English fluency and education is important. Teaching English in Peru will certainly make a real difference to the individual and might just contribute to the development of the country.

3. Enjoy the handicrafts

It is in the Peruvian handicrafts that you can see a blend of history, culture art and exceptional skills. The colourful textiles with intricate patterns are some of the most famous but you can also find wood carvings, jewellery and musical instruments.

Buying handicrafts in Peru will not only make a great souvenir but will also support the local family that made them which will help keep the traditions alive. Make sure you keep plenty of room in your suitcase to bring back gifts!

4. Experience the cuisine

Enjoy eating succulent alpaca steaks, munching on a large cob of sweet corn while sipping on a strong tasting local beer or emoliente and coca tea (perfect for preventing altitude sickness). If you feel adventurous you can try an Andean delicacy like guinea pig meat. In general, Peruvian food is heavy and spicy and incredibly delicious!

5. Abundant TEFL opportunities

All you need to TEFL in Peru is an accredited TEFL certificate (at least 120 hours) and bunch of enthusiasm. TEFL jobs are regularly advertised on our TEFL Jobs Centre so have a look and who knows, you can be teaching in one the most incredible destinations on earth in no time at all!

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