Everything you Need for Online TEFL

So you’ve decided to become an online TEFL tutor, however, you’re not sure about the basic necessities. Or perhaps you know the basics, but you want to set yourself above the rest and shine as a beacon of online TEFL superiority. Either way, here are all the bits and bobs you need for your online TEFL lessons.

Good internet - what you need online TEFL

A Good Internet Connection

This really goes without saying – a good internet connection is a must for your online TEFL lessons. If you don’t possess this at your home then find a local cafe or hotspot. You really do not want your lessons to be interrupted by constant freezes and buffering. If this happens, you will certainly lose the interest of your students.


If you plan to TEFL online then webcams are another must-have. Most laptops have a built in camera so you won’t have to worry too much about that. Desktop users are at a disadvantage here as you’ll have to buy your own. Also, another problem with desktops is their lack of mobility which relates to the next necessity…

Laptop - what you need

A Laptop

Although not compulsory for online TEFL, a laptop will put you above desktop users. The reason being is that laptops often come with their own webcam and microphone, saving you a bit of money. On top of this, laptops are portable and easy to carry around with you if needed. This is particularly useful if your Internet connection is poor and you need to conduct your lessons somewhere else.


So you have the basic equipment, but now you need to choose which program to use. Skype, Google Hangouts, WizIQ etc. the list goes on. For a better understanding of these platforms click here.

Skype, a platform for online TEFL
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Your Payment

As the world of online commerce grows ever larger, the ability to make or receive payments via the internet is vital. For online TEFL, online payments are how most tutors will do things. Here are just few ways to make online transactions:

  • PayPal – Easily the most popular of online payment methods. With around 200 million users, it is a good idea to make sure this is an option to students.
  • Amazon Payments – Almost everyone has an Amazon account which is why this payment method is so useful. It stores all the info you already use to make purchases so you don’t have to do much to set it up.
  • Google Wallet – This popular payment method is also very convenient. It works much like PayPal and is very simple to use. As well as this, Google Wallets comes with the ability to send money via the recipient’s phone number. Like Amazon and PayPal, most people will have a Google account which means there’s a lot of people who could easily sign up to this.
  • Stripe – Stripe is a popular way of making transactions for both businesses and individuals. The company is known for its security and safety.

Your Own Resources

To really stand out among the online TEFL rabble, you’ll need to form your own notes and teaching exercises, created from your own knowledge and experience. Since it’s your own work, you’ll be fluent in your explanations and come across as an expert of the field.

Have your own Blog/Article

Blogs have become essential tools in the online TEFL industry. They allow teachers and businesses to express, explain, and convey ideas or information to readers. Writing your own blog as an independent online TEFL tutor is very important in terms of marketing yourself as you can advertise your services and sell yourself as an effective teacher.

A good site to write your blog on is Blogger. It’s free, easy to use, and is linked to your Google account. Or, another option  is WordPress which allows you to create your own website/blog about anything you want.


Hopefully you know feel more comfortable about the prospect of becoming an online TEFL teacher. Online TEFL tutoring is an exciting and challenging career path that you won’t regret taking.


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