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Ukraine is home to a rich history, stunning architecture, and gorgeous landscapes. Even a short time spent teaching here will give you the opportunity to see some of the beautiful sights that the country has to offer, such as the St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. Hiking and camping are popular pastimes, and with dozens of national parks, those who love the great outdoors will be drawn to this spectacular country. Experience the scrumptious local cuisine, which is both delicious and good value for money – worth embracing rather than paying extra for foreign imports.

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Where to find work in Ukraine

It’s possible to find a job in Ukraine once you’re in the country, especially if you’re in a big city – language schools are often hiring and you’ll likely get an interview if you just pound the pavement and hand out your CV. Applying in advance is recommended for smaller areas without many schools to choose from, and also for the more elite positions at international schools. Visa regulations can make it tricky to get work from outside the country, especially if you’re a non-EU citizen, so check what the situation is with your home country when you apply.

Employers in Ukraine

ABC Lingua is a school in Simferopol.

American English Center has offices around Ukraine, applicants from Canada/USA preferred. Non-natives may apply if they have an excellent accent. 8 or 12-month contracts.

Baker Street Club hires teachers of English (and other languages) for groups of up to six students. All candidates must complete a written and oral test.

Buckeye English hires English, Canadian and USA applicants for American conversation classes. You need a degree, plus either a TEFL/CELTA or decent experience.

DEC Camp is a fun, friendly summer camp that encourages applicants from unique individuals – no experience required. They also have limited ‘junior counsellors’ positions for kids aged 14-17 who have been students in the camp at least twice before. Affiliated with DEC School.

Fayno Camp has English camps throughout the year.

International House in Kyiv wants native English speakers with a TEFL/CELTA for one-year contracts, teaching 25 hours per week. $1,000 – $1,500 per month based on experience. Single room or shared apartment provided. Positions also at their International House Lviv branch for slightly lower wages but other perks.

Lang House hires teachers (of several different languages) for both kids and adult classes. Two years of experience and a TEFL certificate are necessary.

Meridian is a large school with three branches in Sevastopol, teaching English (and other languages) to kids, teen and adults.

Pechersk School International Kyiv has 500 students, aged 3 to 18 years. You need a degree and two years’ experience, and to be native or C2 fluent. Free furnished apartment, health insurance, and free child tuition benefit for up to 3 dependants.

Phoenix hosts a number of summer camps in Ukraine.

Sherwood School of Foreign Languages hires qualified TEFL teachers who are ‘punctual, decent, responsible, and energetic.’

British-run Yazlingo hires native speakers with TEFL qualifications to teach in Cherkasy.

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