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Are you looking for TEFL jobs in Malaysia? Well look no further.

TEFL jobs in Malaysia

The demand for EFL teachers in Malaysia isn’t as high as in neighbouring countries, because of the high standard of English education within the state school system. However, it’s a growing industry with an emphasis on quality, so while the sheer number of TEFL teachers in Malaysia isn’t astronomical, there’s a good demand for those who tick all the boxes. Also, many positions are a two-year minimum contract, so this is another reason why positions don’t come up as frequently.

To work in the country, your visa requirements now include a BA degree, TEFL qualification, and previous teaching experience (often 3+ years), effectively ruling out Malaysia as a destination for newly-qualified EFL teachers. If you’re at the beginning of your TEFL career and have your sights set on Malaysia, you’ll need to build up your experience elsewhere first. The only other possibility would be to look into voluntary work in the country.

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Where to find work in Malaysia

Most EFL teachers in Malaysia work in international schools, universities, or bilingual kindergartens. There are a few private language centres, but there are nowhere near as many private language schools in Malaysia as there are in other Asian countries. Teachers in international schools are usually required to have a teaching qualification, such as a PGCE or an MA in education. Given the high salary and unusual job perks (such as decent accommodation) that come with an international school job, you can understand why requirements are so high.

Age restrictions apply in Malaysia and it’s unlikely you’ll be issued a work visa if you’re under 27, but as you need several years of experience for most positions, that rules out younger applicants anyway. Recently, the upper age limit for a visa was raised to 65, but it’s common to see employers specify that they’re looking for teachers under 50. If you’re from Australia or New Zealand, you might qualify for a working holiday visa. Working on a tourist visa in Malaysia will result in you being fined and deported.

Employers in Malaysia

The Cempaka Group of Schools  occasionally hire English teachers.

To work for the English Language Company , you need one year of experience, a BA and a TEFL qualification.

Erican  is an education and training company seeking teachers with a TEFL/CELTA and one year of experience. Contracts are 1 to 2 years, teaching both children and adults. $1,200 per month, plus shared accommodation or allowance.

Garden International School  is the largest international co-ed school in Malaysia and they have a British-style education system.

GEC  seeks dynamic, experienced teachers who are native speakers.

To teach with International House  in Malaysia you need a B.A in English or a B.Ed in TESOL, or a CELTA if you want to teach in universities.

International Malaysia Education center (IMEC) teaches English to beginners and is one of the most popular language centres in Malaysia.

Laura Whiston  hires both preschool teachers and teachers for the English enrichment/speech and drama program. You need a BA plus a CELTA/DELTA/PGCE.

Search for ‘English Teaching’ on the Malaysia Recruit  website.

Look at Sols247  for voluntary teaching positions in Malaysia, where placements are a minimum of 6 months.

Windsor Learning Centre is in Selangor and teaches children from 3 years old, all the way up to adult classes.

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