KazakhstanEver wanted to work somewhere a bit different?

Here is your chance! Teaching English in Kazakhstan is becoming an increasingly popular option as the government encourages the teaching of English to better integrate the country into the global economy. It is a highly diverse country, both in terms of culture and geography, with everything from vast steppes to deserts. Increasingly seen as the dominant country in central Asia, the resource rich country is an untapped cultural treasure waiting to be discovered.

You can learn more about Kazakhstan and what it is like to be an EFL teacher there by looking at some of our blog posts, including a story from someone who has taught there.

Feel free to take a look at our TEFL Jobs in Kazakhstan, but remember you’ll only be able to contact the employers if you have signed up for one our courses.  If you haven’t signed up, check them out and book today to begin your TEFL career!

Unfortunately we don't currently have any jobs available in Kazakhstan. Our job centre is updated daily so check back soon!

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