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Do you dream of teaching English in Kazakhstan?

TEFL jobs in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan (in central Asia) borders China and Russia, and has undergone something of a quiet revolution in recent years, kick-started by the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s and a long-awaited independence that enabled the country to use its vast reserves of oil and minerals to pull itself to a level compete on the world stage as a key economic player.

As a consequence of this growth, Kazakhstan has seen huge investment not only in this vast country’s infrastructure, but also in its education system, including the EFL industry.

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Where to find work in Kazakhstan

Visa applications for Kazakhstan can be tricky because there just aren’t that many Kazakh embassies around the world, limiting where you can go for your paperwork. However, it’s the school’s responsibility to sort out your visa so this shouldn’t cause you too many issues, just be aware that it might take longer than you hope to get things sorted. As well as the usual professional paperwork you’ll have to submit a medical certificate and have a HIV/AIDS test before you’re approved.

Employers in Kazakhstan

Contact AGI Language and Culture School  for information about current employment opportunities.

Euro Speak  is based in the UK but have a branch in Kazakhstan – contact them directly for details.

Cultural Homestay International  has a TEFL program where you can live and work in Kazakhstan.

Galaxy International School  follows a British curriculum and teaches kids aged 5 to 18.

Haileybury  is a British International School in Almaty.

Teach TEFL in Almaty with the KAZAKH BRITISH STUDY CENTRE M&K. The Kazakhstan International School  is based in Almaty. They offer an IB program and seek bilingual teachers. You need a BA, a formal teaching qualification, and at least two years’ experience in an international or national school setting.

Language Link  has schools in Russia but also has a branch in Atyrau. Salary is $2,000 per month.

Miras International School  teaches kids ages 3 to 18 and follows an IB curriculum.

Study Inn  has schools in 6 cities around Kazakhstan and have been operating since 2008.

Check out the The TEFL Org Jobs Centre  for listings of current teaching positions in Kazakhstan.

At Tien Shan International School , experience is preferred but they can consider newly qualified teachers.

Read our Kazakhstan Country Guide for info about salaries, living costs & requirements

Unfortunately we don't currently have any jobs available in kazakhstan. We update our job centre daily so check back soon!