teach english in indiaIndia is one of the most beautiful and colourful countries in the world. With an ever-smiling population and the exotic smell of spices in the air, India offers a real experience for the EFL teacher.  There is a population of over a billion people, so naturally there are a lot of students looking to learn English!

India is economically challenged so an English teacher should not expect to make their fortune working here, but the cost of living is so low that the experience is well worth it. On your days off you can see the fabulous sights the country has to offer, such as the famous Taj Mahal palace or the bustling markets of Mumbai.

If you need any more advice about teaching in India have a look at our guide to TEFL in India on our blog.  We also have stories from former students who have gone across to India and taught, including interesting cultural articles about things like the cuisine and shopping.

Remember, these teaching positions in India are only available to TEFL Org students.  If you’ve not enrolled on one of our courses, take a look at the range of courses we offer and book one today!

Unfortunately we don't currently have any jobs available in India. Our job centre is updated daily so check back soon!

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