TEFL jobs in India

Paid jobs in India are likely to be found in the bigger locations such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Bangalore, whereas voluntary positions can be found anywhere, including the most rural locations. For paid positions (which are usually at international schools, and sometimes large companies will hire an English teacher for teaching business English) the competition is likely to be high, so you’ll need to be well-qualified, experienced, and preferably already in the country for some positions. Hiring is likely to take place in time for the start of the academic year.

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Where to find work in India

Most international schools in India hire directly through their website, and positions are limited with much competition. It is sometimes possible for expats living in India to find freelance work, especially if they teach business English or exam content, but there’s no guarantee of finding enough work to live on, and they’ll only want to hire teachers who are already in the country. Many TEFL jobs are filled by Indian nationals with reasonable levels of English, and so only the most elite schools can hire foreigners. For voluntary positions, experiences vary – some ask for a participation fee, some will cover your costs, and other positions will ask you to pay your own way while you volunteer.

Employers in India

Edify schools seek qualified, experienced teachers for their centres across India. Several years of experience are needed for most positions.

Excelsior American School is a Montessori school seeking teachers for paid and voluntary positions.

HELP (Himalayan Education Lifeline Programme) is a popular voluntary teaching opportunity in India. You must be at least 19 years old and have some sort of TEFL. Fees of around £330 – £480 for the 8-week programme.

Volunteer with iSpiice in the Himalayan foothills. You need to be a proficient English speaker with a good knowledge of grammar and like working with children.

King’s College India lists hiring opportunities on their website.

A variety of positions available at Manjoorans Group, which has 10 academies delivering English language programmes and IELTS exam preparation classes. You need a TEFL/TESOL, and for IELTS positions need at least 1 year of IELTS experience.

Sagreen International offers teaching and Montessori teaching internships. Teaching in Kindergartens, Pre-school, Elementary school, Middle school, and High school.

The British School New Delhi hires through their website.

The International School Bangalore is an elite school educating at both primary and secondary level.

If you have a STEM PHD, look at Science Corps which has a program in Aavishkaar.

Check out The TEFL Org jobs centre for listings of current teaching positions in India.

To be a teacher with Valuepoint Academy you need a degree in English and 5+ years of experience. 1-year contracts, up to 8 hours a day.

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