Qualify to teach English as a foreign language in Swansea with the UK's largest and most accredited TEFL course provider. Sign up now and join 120,000 TEFL Org course graduates teaching all over the world.

TEFL Courses in Swansea

With our TEFL course in Swansea you could join over 120,000 TEFL Org graduates who are teaching all over the world! From Italy to Indonesia, and Estonia to Ecuador, there is a huge demand for EFL teachers in countries across the globe and all you need to start your own adventure abroad is a TEFL qualification from the UK’s most accredited course provider.

On this 20-hour weekend TEFL course in Swansea your highly experienced course tutor will teach you how to create and deliver your own English lessons for learners of all ages and abilities.

Combine this course with up to 200 hours of online study for the most comprehensive TEFL training. We recommend a course that includes at least 120 hours of training as this is what employers commonly require.


Important Notice:
Due to the current pandemic and changing government guidelines and restrictions please check our COVID-19 notice notice regularly.

We currently have no upcoming course dates available in Swansea. We regularly add new course dates so please check back soon, you can also look at our virtual classroom courses as a fantastic alternative.


Our 20-hour weekend TEFL course in Swansea gives you the knowledge, skills and confidence you will need to be able to create, plan and deliver your own TEFL classes. The classes are fast-paced, and fun and you will complete activities and games that help you absorb and learn.

The course is also a great way to expand your contact list by meeting new, like-minded people to share your TEFL experience with!

What’s included

A hardcopy coursebook

A reference letter from your classroom course tutor

An internationally recognised TEFL certificate (paper and electronic)

CV support

Lifetime access to our TEFL job centre



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Our approach

It’s hands on! We believe that it’s so much more effective to be involved in practical activities rather than just listening to somebody lecturing at you. This is why during your TEFL course in Swansea, you will be kept on your toes with activities and games to help you retain the information you learn.

The weekend course gives you the chance to create your very own TEFL lesson and deliver it to your peers. You will also be able to observe the rest of your class delivering lessons and have the opportunity to offer feedback to help them improve.

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