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English teacher in China with no official qualifications? Living in Beijing and want to start earning money? We are now running our weekend courses in Beijing, China, so you can gain the same qualification you would be able to achieve in the UK without having to travel or do an online-only TEFL course.

Courses in Beijing

What to expect

Our courses in Beijing are perfect for Chinese nationals who teach English, and for expats living in the city that either teach without a formal qualification or are looking to start teaching. Taking a weekend course will give you the opportunity to do hands-on training with a highly experienced TEFL trainer; including planning and presenting your own mock lessons to your peers. As the course participants will be a mix of Chinese nationals and foreigners, it will also give you the chance to get to know each other’s learning and teaching styles which will be very helpful for working in a language school.

Upcoming TEFL courses in Beijing

We currently have no courses scheduled in Beijing

TEFL Certification Courses in Beijing

You will have a packed two days of interactive and hands-on learning. You will learn the basics of everything you need to know as an English teacher: warmers and games, classroom management, getting the students to speak, activity ideas and much more.

We recommend you combine the classroom course with further study online.

What’s included

FREE hardcopy coursebook

A reference letter from your course tutor

FREE internationally recognised TEFL certificate

CV support

Lifetime access to our TEFL job centre

Tutor Profiles

Our Beijing TEFL Classroom Courses are normally run by our experienced tutor Rachael.

Course Reviews


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Our approach

It’s hands on! We believe that it’s so much more effective to be involved in practical activities rather than just listening to somebody lecturing at you. This is why during your TEFL course in Beijing, you will be kept on your toes with activities and games to help you retain the information you learn.

The weekend course gives you the chance to create your very own TEFL lesson and deliver it to your peers. You will also be able to observe the rest of your class delivering lessons and have the opportunity to offer feedback to help them improve.

Our classroom courses are attended by a wide range of people, including school leavers, recent graduates, university students, career changers and retirees!

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