Why Does China Have Such High Demand for TEFL?

2 September 2013

China is a rapidly evolving country and if you’re looking for cultural immersion, you don’t need to look any further. It’s one of the fastest developing economies in the world: from high-tech gadgets to breath-taking skyscrapers, amidst the lingering legends of past dynasties and historic charm of some fantastic archaeological sites, there is something for everyone.

The demand for TEFL teachers throughout China is enormous, with a range of opportunities available – from working in small villages and disadvantaged communities, to working in language schools or with business executives in the country’s biggest cities. This surge in demand has spanned from a vast increase in tourism, strong emphasis on educational development and success and increasing trade relationships with the Western world. All of these factors combined mean that English language abilities are greatly sought after, which in turn creates lots of work opportunities for native English speakers like you.

Depending on where you are in China, your lifestyle could be very different. The cities have a higher cost of living than rural areas, but you have more amenities and jobs available to you there. If you are already qualified we have countless jobs available there listed on our TEFL Jobs Centre.

Despite what many people think, you don’t need to speak Chinese to work as a TEFL teacher, so this is an option for many people. Regardless of where you go or where you work, your experience in China is sure to be a life-changing one. Rewarding travel, offering you the chance to become fully immersed in a new, exciting and completely unfamiliar culture…

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