Why do employers want teachers with a TEFL Org qualification?

Why do employers want teachers with a TEFL Org qualification?

If you’re signing up for a TEFL course it’s likely you’re doing so with the aim of finding a TEFL job. It’s important, then, to be sure that the course you do is going to help you achieve such a goal rather than hold you back. 

That’s why you need to make sure you study with a provider that has a strong reputation worldwide. As the leading and most accredited TEFL course provider, employers seek out our graduates, understanding that they have completed quality TEFL training and are equipped with the skills and knowledge to teach English. 

Employers trust The TEFL Org  

One of the first things an employer will look at during the hiring process is the accreditation of your TEFL course provider. Not only does accreditation provide you with assurance about the quality of a course, but it’s an easy way for an employer to tell if an applicant has undertaken a good standard of training. If a course isn’t sufficiently accredited then it’s nearly impossible for an employer to know either way, which can be the problem with Groupon TEFL courses

Put yourself in an employer’s shoes: if you have one applicant who studied with an accredited provider you recognise, and another who paid £20 for an unaccredited course that was bought on a discount website, who would you choose? Aside from the myriad of issues that can come with budget TEFL courses, such as substantial hidden fees and poor quality course content, it can easily send the wrong message to employers. Are you really serious about teaching if you cheaped out on a course that took you a couple of days to complete? 

Reputation does matter, and employers worldwide recognise The TEFL Org qualifications. We’ve been leading the way in the industry since 2008, gaining more accreditation than any other provider, and training over 185,000 EFL teachers. Over the years employers have come to recognise us as a provider of top-quality training, so they’re confident that the teachers they hire with TEFL Org certification know their stuff. 

Employers recognise the quality of our training  

As a company founded and run by teachers, we’ve built a reputation with employers as a training provider that knows how to prepare teachers for the real world of English language teaching. 

We believe that the only way to properly learn how to teach is from those who’ve been there and done it themselves. That’s why each one of our courses has been carefully developed by experienced TEFL teachers who understand exactly what it takes to TEFL and how to prepare you for it. And whether you study in person or online, you’ll learn directly from a tutor with extensive industry experience. 

Employers also recognise that TEFL Org graduates have had to put in the work to earn their qualification. Throughout our courses, students are regularly assessed with quizzes and assignments, ensuring that they have engaged with and understood the course material. Courses that lack assessment present a problem for employers. How can they tell if any learning has actually been done? And this is why accreditation is key - it’s what gives employers the confidence that proper training has been undertaken. 

Employers want to hire TEFL Org graduates  

All of our students get lifetime access to our TEFL Jobs Centre , where you can find jobs around the world. The positions you see there are all posted by employers actively seeking qualified teachers with TEFL Org certification. Our students get exclusive access to positions in countries such as Spain, Japan, China, Mexico, Vietnam, and so much more. It’s one of the perks of studying with us! 

Why you should study with The TEFL Org  

A good TEFL course should do two key things: properly train you to teach English and get you a job. As we’ve just gone over, employers worldwide know and trust us as a provider of quality training. Our international reputation makes it easier for you to secure a teaching role - in fact, 80% of our course graduates find work within just 2 months.

Everything we do is driven by our goal to help others experience the amazing opportunities TEFL offers, just as we have! With dedicated tutor support throughout your course, expert TEFL advisers always available to help guide you, and a dedicated customer support team keeping everything running smoothly, there’s a whole team supporting you in the early stages of your TEFL journey. 

All this support is the reason why, according to over 4,800 reviews , 92% of our students would recommend us to a friend. Join a community of over 185,000 TEFL Org graduates and set out on your own TEFL adventure!

Interested in getting TEFL qualified? Check out our range of courses now.

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