Vietnam Internship 2016

Why choose the TEFL Vietnam Internship?

Vietnam is a beautiful, exotic and culturally diverse country in South East Asia and signing up to the TEFL Vietnam Internship is a fantastic opportunity. Not only will you complete a 140-hour Premier TEFL Course and our Teaching Young Learners Advanced Course as part of the internship, you will also have an international teaching position arranged before you even begin your course. This internship is perfect for people who are new to TEFL as you don’t need any previous teaching experience. You also don’t need any foreign language skills, as the essential Vietnamese needed to get by will be covered during the orientation.

Teaching in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that is well known for friendly and welcoming people which is why it is such a popular destination for TEFL graduates. Vietnamese students are also known for being open minded and accepting. All of which makes teaching English in Vietnam a more rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Currently, internship positions are located in Southern Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City), Central Vietnam (Hue) and Northern Vietnam (Hanoi, Hai Phone and Ha Long City). You could be placed in a private school, government school, university or language school, teaching children from 4 years old to 18+ years old.

Living in Vietnam

Teaching in Vietnam, you will experience the country’s natural beauty, with stunning beaches and inland mountains, and a charming traditional culture. The city of Hanoi, in the north of Vietnam, is the main governmental seat of the country and the area around Hanoi and bordering China is heavily influenced by Chinese culture. Further south, in Ho Chi Minh City and the surrounding region, there is a greater mix of people and cultures. Living in Vietnam is very cheap and there are lots of places where you can eat fantastic local food at very low prices.


Vietnam Intership

Training and Orientation

You will take part in a 6-day group orientation to living and teaching in Vietnam, where you will get the chance to meet other interns. It will also include an introduction to Vietnamese culture and history, Vietnamese lessons and phrasebook, a welcome dinner, social and cultural activities, a city tour, one half day trip, airport pick up, accommodation, all meals, support and emergency services.


Vietnam Internship 2016

Vietnam Internship 2016



You will receive a living allowance of $700 per month (approximately £465). This is a great salary in Vietnam and an exceptional salary for an internship programme and for a newly qualified teacher. The average salary for Vietnamese people is approximately $180 per month – which gives you an idea of how well you will be paid. You will have plenty of money to live off and enough leftover to explore the country. You will also receive a $700 bonus upon successful completion of the internship.


Accommodation is provided free of charge by the school, and teachers will be accommodated in shared houses or apartments with other interns, or in guest houses with amenities near the schools. In most cases accommodation will be single however there are a few placements that have twin share.During orientation and training, accommodation will be twin-share. Basic cooking facilities are often provided but may be limited to a small fridge, sink and cooktop. (Please note that not all placements are equipped with cooking facilities). Although meals are not provided as part of the internship, many schools have canteens where meals are very cheap (an average of $2.00). You will also receive guidance from the school on where interns can eat in the local area at a low cost.

Vietnam Internship 2016


You will receive in-country support from the Internship team and a local ‘buddy’ at your school who will assist with your integration into the school community.

Hours of work

You will be teaching 20 hours per week, usually around 4 hours per day and you should expect to do up to 15 hours per week of lesson preparation, meetings, marking and administrative duties.

So, if you want to TEFL in a beautiful country, with other newly qualified teachers, free accommodation, in-country support, a great salary, a 140 hour TEFL qualification plus our Teaching Young Learners Advanced Course, further training, Vietnamese lessons and time to explore the country, then sign up for the Vietnam Internship today!

How to apply

Call us on 01349 800 600 (Monday to Friday 9am-5.30pm) or email and speak to a TEFL Expert who will guide you through the booking process and ensure all your questions are answered.
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