TEFL Summer Camps

So you’ve successfully completed your TEFL course and now it’s time to search for your dream TEFL job. If you’re looking for something temporary in Europe, then look no further than applying for a short-term Summer Camp position.

If you have completed a course with us then you’ll be entitled to apply through our Job Centre, where you can apply directly to a number of exciting international TEFL opportunities.

Why Summer Camps?

There are many benefits to teaching English as a foreign language in Summer Camps. For starters, it’s paid work in the lovely, sunny climates of France, Italy, and Spain – and for some, that’s enough! Plus, accommodation and meals are supplied. But for those interested in long-term perks, there is the CV boosting experience of having taught children, planning lessons, and leading groups. All of these convey organisational qualities that employers look for. And, as a bonus, you may even pick up a language – or at least a few phrases.


Working at Summer Camps is a great way to kick off a future TEFL career. It’s also ideal for university students looking to make a bit of cash between academic years or graduates on a gap year. Perhaps the best thing about summer camp placements is that often they only require a 20-hour TEFL certificate. That being said, the more hours you do, the stronger your qualification – which will make you stand out when applying.


As you may expect, pay will not be towards the higher end of the scale, usually averaging at around €170 a week. However, it really does vary from camp to camp and it’s not unusual for salaries to be flexible. And when you consider room and board are nearly always included, it’s basically just money straight in your back pocket. Generally, you should earn enough to enjoy yourself whilst you’re abroad and perhaps a little left over afterwards.

How to apply

The best time to apply for TEFL positions at Summer Camps is anywhere between January to the end of May. This gives camps enough time to sort through applications. Remember, you can apply to summer camps on our Jobs Centre once you enrol in one of our TEFL courses.

Hopefully, you’ve decided to go and teach in one of the many lovely summer camps available. If you have, you certainly won’t regret it!

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