TEFL students Sean and Yasmine – Greetings from Nantong

Hi, we are former TEFL students Sean and Yasmine.

So we are writing to you from our school in Nantong, China! We are teaching in Happy Goal with the Web International Company. The school is very, very new so there are no students yet as they were waiting for their first foreign teachers to arrive, i.e Sean and I!

We have begun demo classes showing the perspective parents and students what the school has to offer. We live in an apartment about 10 minutes walk from the school and it is paid for us. It’s very close to the city so it’s extremely handy!

The Chinese people are so so lovely and they are, in general, very helpful and kind. There are lots of other Chinese assistant teachers working with us and they are making the transition very easy. They basically do all the lesson planning and set out the lesson and we just have to teach. It’s great!

We are a very odd sight here in Nantong, we have been here a week and I can count on one hand how many other westerners I have seen. We are stared at in the street but not in an unkind way it is a stare of genuine curiosity and interest!

There are a couple of western bars and restaurants, not too many though but its okay as Chinese food is amazing. We’ll hopefully have another update soon when we start teaching our first students.

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