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If you’re looking to work in a country where mouth-watering food, pristine beaches, friendly faces, a distinct culture, and a unique history all blend into one then look no further than Thailand. Known as ‘Siam’ as recently as 1949, this predominantly Buddhist nation is a cultural treasure and unlike anywhere else. A land of contrasts; from the smallest bat to the largest shark; bustling cities to endless forests; mobs of tourists to quiet stretches of beach – this is somewhere you shouldn’t ignore.

Not convinced that Thailand is the place to be? Then have a read of a few of these interesting little facts…

  • With a coastline of 3219 km, you’ll never be too far away from a beach of golden white sand
  • Thailand was voted the 5th friendliest country in the world by the Rough Guides. Not surprising when it’s knows as ‘The Land of Smiles’
  • There are hundreds, maybe thousands of islands around the waters of Thailand. Some, like Koh Phangan are famous for their party atmosphere whilst others are empty and picturesque
  • Voted 2nd in the world for best cuisine by Rough Guides. The country is clearly a must for foodies!
  • To preserve the country’s beautiful and lush rainforests, all logging was banned in 1989
  • Bangkok has been awarded the title of World’s Hottest City thanks temperatures regularly staying well above 30 degrees Celsius
  • And, finally, the name of the country means ‘Land of the Free’ which is interesting considering it’s the only country in Southeast Asia not to have been previously colonised by EuropeansTEFL


So, now you’re hooked and you need to TEFL here immediately, right? Well, first things first – let’s look at when and where to start working in this beautiful country and make sure you have a good head-start.


Where to work?


Obviously, the capital of Thailand should be one of the places you search for work. With 6 million inhabitants and a growing, stable economy there will always be offers going. Remember that as many teacher’s first choice to search for jobs, competition may be tough. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it as the best paid and beneficial jobs will often be found here.


A tourist hotspot and full of beach resorts, this island relies on foreigners and so the locals need to be able to communicate. Therefore, there is a big demand for English teachers and is definitely worth checking out. Also, the fantastic beaches are nice little bonus should you find yourself a job here.

TEFL in Bangkok
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Salary, hiring, and requirements

Working as an English teacher in Thailand, you can expect to see salaries offered will depend on your experience and where you apply to. The average salary for a beginner teacher is around £660 a month, or 30,000 Baht. While this isn’t loads, it should be enough to keep you afloat and be relatively comfortable. Again, salary can increase, or decrease, deeply depending on what sort of job you apply to i.e. one-to-one tutoring, high schools etc..

As demand is so high in Thailand, much like the rest of East Asia, schools are hiring consistently throughout the year.

To teach in Thailand, a TEFL Certificate is necessary. You will be very hard pushed to find a school that doesn’t list this as one of its requirements. On top of that, a bachelor’s degree is often another listed requirement. If you’re looking to complete a TEFL course and earn a qualification then click here – we recommend the 120 hour course.

We have plenty of jobs in our Jobs Centre and quite a few positions based in Thailand. To apply for one of these jobs make sure you have previously completed a course with us.

Cost of living

As if the demand for teachers, natural beauty, and vibrant culture wasn’t enough the cost of living in Thailand is pretty cheap. In Bangkok, you can rent yourself a modern, 2 bed apartment for around £450 a month. Rent here is 67% cheaper than in London. Remember, there are other cities in Thailand and these will be even cheaper. Food and entertainment prices aren’t always so cheap, especially imports such as wine, cheese, and olive oil. On the whole, however, Thailand is cheap to live in and you should even be able to save enough to live comfortably, too.

Thailand, ‘Land of the Free’, and the ‘Land of Smiles’ – you’ve now done your research the only thing left to do is get hired there. If you don’t have a TEFL certificate, make sure to book one here.

Good luck on your journey and remember to embrace the warm hospitality of the Thai people.



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