TEFL in Hungary

31 January 2014

Through a twist of fate, I have landed a job in a secondary school in the small city of Eger! It is in the Heves region of Hungary in the Hungarian Highlands. I am still in a little bit shocked as I only did the 50 hour TEFL course!

(I was looking for expats on Facebook, one of them is a teacher in the school where I am now working, one of the native speakers left, and he passed my name on!!)

There are two of us who are native speakers of English & our job is to bring on the students spoken English and give them more vocabulary.

Jacqualine Teaching English In Hungary

I teach 9 classes per week, one group I have for 4 lessons with, and another I have twice. I work with beginners, elementary, intermediate and advanced students, which is a bit of a challenge.

I live in a village with a large garden with fruit trees and grapevines – we have made our own wine too, room to grow our own vegetables, and a view of Kekés Mountain, the highest mountain in Hungary, this is my idea of heaven! It also allows me to absorb the culture, language and slower pace of life in the village, and have a job in a busy city. It is the best of both worlds.

Hungary is a beautiful country, and worth visiting as a tourist too, there is more to it than just Budapest! There are many wine regions, with excellent vinyards and wineries to visit, and many wellbeing Spas, both indoors and outdoors, where mineral rich hot springs bubble up from the earth.

Nostalgia Spa Panorama

I just wanted people to know that you can get work without using agencies. I moved here to live and I have my residency, and I had not even looked for work, as we were busy renovating the house! It just landed in my lap!

I am into my second week of work, and really enjoying it!


Jacqualine enrolled on our 50-hour TEFL course (weekend course + online grammar) in July 2013.

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