TEFL for Qualified Teachers

TEFL is not just for gap year students and travel enthusiasts. A large proportion of those travelling abroad to teach English as a foreign language are already qualified teachers here in the UK.

The demand for English teachers continues to rise worldwide, and with many qualified teachers finding it difficult to secure employment in the UK, they are now setting their sights further afield for teaching opportunities.

Teaching English abroad is a great for those who have qualified teacher status (QTS), or those who have completed or are studying towards their PGCE/PGDE – either to gain experience teaching different age groups or at a different type of school, develop their teaching skills and/or earn more money. There are year-long posts, as well as short-term work available at Easter and summer schools and language camps both in the UK and abroad.

Working abroad may not be on the cards right now, but it could help in their existing role if they regularly teach students who do not have English as their first language, or want to provide support and extra tuition to those who need it.

So, as a qualified teacher do you really need to complete a TEFL course?

The answer is yes. Whilst your teaching qualification and classroom experience put you in a great position for finding a teaching job abroad, the majority of language schools will still look for applicants to have a TEFL qualification.

TEFL courses for qualified teachers

There are a couple of course options to choose from based on how you prefer to learn and the time you have available:

For those who have classroom teaching experience, an online TEFL course option would be sufficient.

For those who are short on time and/or prefer face-to-face training, one of our classroom or combined TEFL courses would be a better suit.

Online TEFL course options for qualified teachers

120-hour Premier Online TEFL Course

Most qualified teachers opt for our 120-hour Premier Online TEFL Course as it meets the minimum requirements for the majority of teaching positions overseas. As it’s entirely online, it’s also really flexible meaning you can fit it around your existing timetable and workload.

Split up into five sections it includes a grammar and language awareness course, an EFL teaching methodology course, video observation course and two specialist online modules covering teaching large classes and telephone teaching. The teaching large classes course can be beneficial to those who are interested in working at summer schools and language camps, whilst the telephone teaching course can help those looking to start teaching English over VOIP platforms like Skype.

Classroom and combined TEFL course options for qualified teachers

50-hour TEFL Course

If pushed for time, or looking to gain insight into what teaching English involves our 50-hour TEFL course is a good place to start. Consisting of two short courses, you have a face-to-face element over one weekend and a short online grammar and language awareness course.

The two-day classroom course is really hands-on and interactive and is highly recommended by those who complete it. It focuses on the basics that an EFL teacher needs to start teaching and gives you the chance to prepare and deliver a mock lesson on each day of the course under the guidance of one of our experienced EFL tutors.

Grammar is such an important part of teaching English. Our 30-hour Online Grammar and Language Awareness Course will give you a thorough grounding in the terminology and rules of English grammar. You are given one month from date of purchase to complete it however, most find they complete it within half the time.

Have a particular country in mind that you would love to teach English in? Have a look at our Country Guides and find out all you need to know about living and teaching in your chosen country.

Check out our TEFL Jobs Centre for current TEFL jobs on offer.

N.B. Requirements do vary from employer to employer so if you are interested in a specific vacancy or working at a particular school, check the work with us/jobs section of their website or the qualification requirements outlined in the job advertisement.

If your school or college are interested in signing you up for a TEFL course and paying on your behalf, we can invoice them for you. Just send us the details and we’ll take it from there.

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