Teaching in Thailand – First Term Complete

Some readers may know already but for those that don’t…I gave up my life in the UK just over 6 months ago to embark on a teaching career in Thailand with my 12-year-old son. So, I’ve just completed my first term 4 months of teaching and let me tell you it has flew by, and I really don’t know quite where to start with this blog…..so forgive me if I start to blabber on!

Let me begin by telling you that it’s by far the best job Serena Horton 1I have ever had in my life.

Like every job there are good days and not so good days but I really have had so much fun the last 4 months.

For me the most enjoyment comes from the kids. I teach grade 1-5 (students aged 6-11 years old) and each class has their own perks. You have G1 who are super duper cute and then G5 who are like mini teenagers  you can have proper conversations with…like asking them which is the best way to get mobile internet or how to obtain Wi-Fi codes! Mostly the kids are very respectful and really seem to enjoy their English lessons, and I would say 90% of the time they are a pleasure to teach.

As well as the most enjoyable job , it is also the easiest job in terms of workload and hours that I have ever had. I teach for 14 hours per week but with the prep as well I am usually in school around 20 hours. The school is very flexible and relaxed, and a lot of the time I go home to do my prep which is great.

Being the only qualified white English female teacher in town has it’s benefits in that there is always extra work available. I do have to turn things down quite a lot because I want time to myself but if you wanted to you could really earn quite a bit of money out here. The government school wage isn’t great but part time earnings are and it’s a good way to top things up.

Serena Horton 2It’s not without it’s frustrations though. As a foreign teacher you are discriminated against and many of the Thai teachers make it very obvious that they do not like us but I always think of it from their point of view if I was a teacher in school in England and a foreigner came in and earned double my wage for doing half the hours …would I not feel a bit of resentment? The best thing to do is just accept that’s the way things are going to be and get on with it. Some teachers are great, and the kids will always give you a smile and hug anyway so you never feel lonely EVER!

As far as our personal life goes things are still ticking along nicely. My son is struggling a bit with the boredom of going to an ALL Thai school, and there are not other options here so that’s something I am thinking about for next year. He is off to England in December for 3 months to visit his family so we will review this when he returns. Here in Prachuap he is the only foreign kid in town and sometimes that does get on his nerves although he tells me he still enjoys his friends and his lifestyle here and he sure seems happy enough so we will see.

My family are arriving on the 16th and I can’t wait we have a long trip up and down Thailand planned and it will be nice to recharge our batteries for sure!


For a more personal and detailed review of our adventure please take a look at my blog

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