Teaching English in Hungary

Hungary Amy 2 Most schools in Hungary will only employ people who are TEFL qualified and have some teaching experience but even if you don’t have experience with a bit of job hunting you should be able to find something suitable. English is a compulsory subject in Hungary, and therefore many state schools are keen to employ native English speakers, and with 100 private schools in Budapest alone your chances of finding work if you meet the necessary requirements are good.

As is usually the case, renting a flat in the centre of the city can be expensive so you may want to look for a place on the outskirts – some schools might contribute towards any travel costs.

Budapest is considered one of the world’s most beautiful cities and is full of culture and history as well as being well known for its dynamic arts and music scene.  Outside the city, there is just as much to do with numerous hot springs across the country, gorgeous rustic towns and Lake Balaton, Europe’s largest and warmest lake. Hungary is a beautiful country to work in and has a lot to offer anyone who wishes to teach English.

Grab your TEFL Certification and then apply for a fantastic TEFL job in Hungary.

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