Teaching English in Colombia

11 June 2012

Colombia is a great destination for the ambitious TEFL teacher in search of adventure.

Not surprisingly for a country of its size, Colombia is packed full of amazing sights, rich cultures and friendly people. Home to crystal clear Caribbean waters, cosmopolitan chic cities and the awe inspiring Andean mountains, it’s not hard to see why you’d be attracted to teach English in Colombia. As Colombia grows in popularity, the tourist industry has experienced a recent boom which has led to a renewed interest in learning English – good news for TEFL teachers!

TEFL opportunities

Colombia14The cities of Bogota, Medellin and Cali provide the bulk of TEFL jobs and are generally a safer place to work opposed to some of the more deprived rural areas of Colombia. In terms of being a TEFL destination, Colombia is tarnished by its reputation for crime. However, recently Colombia’s economy has recovered somewhat despite the armed conflict in the country between the government and rebels. We recommend you check the FCO website for regular updates on the status of the countries safety for travellers.

Although the TEFL industry is not quite as well developed as in other countries, you will still find a warm welcome and a high demand for native English and qualified TEFL teachers to teach here. The best time to find work is around the February/March and July/August time period. You may want to time your arrival in the country with the start of the school term in order to give you the best chance at securing a TEFL job. TEFL Org UK graduates can make use of our free TEFL Jobs Centre to search and apply for TEFL Jobs. Don’t forget to sign up to our TEFL Jobs Newsletter and receive notification of any new vacancies that appear.


In order to teach English in Colombia you will need to have an official TEFL Org UK certificate to show that you have undergone formal training to teach English as a foreign language. We recommend taking one of TEFL Org UK’s recommended TEFL Courses if you are new to the world of TEFL and want to get the best TEFL qualification out there. Find out more about our accreditations. Teaching English in Colombia can be a challenging experience, we recommend that you take at least 120-hours of TEFL training before you set off to teach English abroad. Not only will this give you the qualification employers are looking for, it will also allow you to familiarise yourself with the type of teaching you will be doing. Find out more: Course Options.

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