TEFL in China

Teaching English in China

China has the largest population in the world and is the 4th largest by land area. It is a massive country. With civilizations living there for thousands of years, China has an unparalleled depth of history.

Geographically, it is a study in contrasts: It covers a whole range of fascinating landscapes from the tropical South to the subarctic North and from the mighty Himalayas in the West and the stunning Pacific coastline on the East. There are megacities such as Beijing and Shanghai, each housing tens of millions of people, as well as small rural farming towns in the east.

No other country in the world has locations as diverse as China. If you want to see and experience something new, China is the place to go and do so many times over.

Basic Information

  • Term times – Chinese schools generally operate on a two-semester system, with semester one starting in September and semester two starting in March
  • Currency – Chinese Yuan Renminibi (RMB)
  • Language – The official language of China is Mandarin
  • Types of TEFL positions on offer – Public Schools, Private Language Institutes, International Schools, Universities,
  • Popular destinations for TEFL Jobs in China – Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Guangzhou

Opportunities for teaching English in ChinaTEFL in China

China’s economy is growing exponentially.  There are millions of people in China looking to learn English, and you can be one of the thousands of TEFL teachers needed to help them. There are a wide variety of TEFL jobs available, from kindergarten age to adult learners. If you want to be a TEFL teacher, taking a course with TEFL Org and then going on to teach in China is perhaps the best way of doing so.


Finding TEFL jobs in ChinaTEFL in China

After completing your TEFL Course you could go to China and give out your CV, which is easy in China compared to a lot of countries. There are thousands of schools that are recruiting EFL teachers and you can almost choose whereabouts in China you would like to work. The easiest and best way of securing a TEFL position in China is to check out the TEFL jobs in China on our very own TEFL Jobs Centre.  We have contact with many schools and institutions throughout the country who are looking for our graduates to train their students.

Sarah, a TEFL Org graduate, is currently teaching English in China and shares her story here!


Living in ChinaTEFL in China

Depending on where you are in China, your life will be very different. The cities have a much higher cost of living than the rural areas, but you have more amenities and jobs available to you. Some employers provide accommodation for you and each individual job should outline what you should expect.  Wherever you teach in China, though, you’ll have an amazing experience.

Are you ready to begin the China experience of a lifetime as a TEFL teacher?

Take a TEFL Org Course and apply for a TEFL job in China to begin your new career!

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