Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Asia

Asia has always been an extremely popular destination for TEFL teachers, and with more and more positions available, it continues to grow in popularity.

With the combination of beautiful landscapes, friendly locals and vibrant cultures, it’s not difficult to see why so many of our TEFL graduates go on to teach in Asia (plus the food is pretty good too!).

Teaching English as a Foreign Language can open the door to a world of adventure. Our most popular 120-hour Combined Course is the key – classroom and online based learning to give you the necessary skills for your first teaching experience.

The classroom course is conducted over a weekend in sites all across Ireland. In this interactive, participative and extremely fun weekend, one of our expert tutors will guide you through the practical skills required to lead a class. The online course can be completed at any time, giving you flexibility to work around your commitments. You will also be assigned a personal tutor for feedback and advice during the online learning.

Once you gain your TEFL qualification, the world is yours to discover! A big draw for Asian teaching positions is the relatively low cost of living. After accommodation, food and necessities, you can still have plenty money left over to explore! Employers in China and South Korea offer particularly attractive employment schemes – with visa costs, flights and insurance covered.

After signing-up to a TEFL Course you will be granted access to the Job Centre of our partner site TEFL Org, where you can view teaching positions advertised by quality-checked TEFL organisations/schools.

Asia can offer you so much. Whether it’s the beaches of Thailand and Vietnam, cultural discovery of Japan or India, or maybe it’s even the prospect of teaching Sherpa communities of Nepal in the Himalayas – there are endless opportunities for a newly qualified TEFL teacher.

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6 thoughts on “Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Asia

    1. Hi Anthony,

      A university degree is a requirement for many teaching positions in Asian countries as this is needed for the relevant work visa/permit. You can however teach English on a voluntary basis without a degree.

      1. So can you be more specific. Are you saying that to teach english in Vietnam orChi a that one would be required to have a general degree in any subject & if so is there a requirement for an ‘add on’ certificate that one would need to take as a ‘teaching english’ add on to a degree?

        1. If it is for the work visa it can be in any field of study. An employer/school can state a preference for field of study (in a case like this, it’s normally disclosed in advance in the job advertisement)

        1. Yes, to teach English in countries like China, Vietnam and Thailand you will require both a TEFL certificate and a university degree.

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