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The 5 best music festivals abroad

Can you feel the mud under your wellies? The sounds of revelry and anticipation across fields of eager music fans, the smell of myriad food stands and beer (hopefully nothing else)… yes, it’s the summer, and that can only mean one thing: music festivals. Festivals are, after all, a great way of seeing the world. […]

TEFL in the Balkans

So often, we talk of “underrated” TEFL destinations. For one, Latin America still feels like it isn’t highly rated enough for new, inexperienced teachers who want to absorb different cultures. West Asia, particularly countries like Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, are massively under-tapped areas of potential for TEFL educators. The Caribbean, despite its many attractions, still […]

How to use AI in the TEFL classroom

For many, an exciting future lies in Artificial Intelligence. Perhaps just as many others, however, view the letters ‘AI’ as something like a dirty word. In the same way that AI is creating incredible digital inroads to revolutionise the world of work, it’s providing what many consider an existential threat to a number of industries.  […]

Sevilla vs Roma: a TEFL perspective

When perennial Europa League winners Sevilla take on José Mourinho’s AS Roma in Budapest on the 31st of May, it’s sure to be a clash that’ll fascinate supporters and neutrals alike. With both the Andalusians and Romans arguably under-performing domestically but doing the business on the European front, it may not be the Champions League, […]